Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 09 Review – The Journey of Self-Discovery Begins!

Ohkay so, let me get straight to the point, I am in love. I am in love with this drama. I am so glad after Thursdays I now have a drama worth setting an alarm for at the weekend to watch, enjoy, experience & review. The team of Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 02 has completely made me forget about the Season 01 because they are showing the story in such a detailed manner that each & every character, their thought process, their stance, everything is coming across with absolute clarity, which is amazing! The drama-makers have succeeded in making the viewers feel the pain that the characters are going through, which is actually a must in a love-story especially. Thank you so much Team Khuda Aur Mohabbat for giving us an absolute treat on the weekend, it is worth every single second of my time.

‘Mazhab us waqt tak ki rukawat lagta hai, jab tak insaan us se duur rehta hai’, so, the traveler who met Hammad for the first & probably the last time in his life got him introduced to the concept of religion. He opened a window for Hammad into a domain which Hammad thought wasn’t meant for him & with this, the journey of Hammad’s self-discovery & reflection began. It was only because of that man, that Hammad mustered up the courage to step a foot inside Masjid, without having any know-how up his sleeve, because that man told him that no matter how flawed you think you are, what matters the most is your intention. Somehow Hammad got fascinated by the honesty & truthfulness with which he got to know that the religion, which everyone around him makes it look so rigid & hard to follow was anything but that. Even though Hammad had a point to prove to Molvi Aleemuddin but he didn’t put all of his efforts into pleasing him to score a win in front of Imaan’s father & in fact he put his heart & soul into it because he wanted to get familiar with the idea of religion & how it will change his life. Hammad’s intention was pure, just like his love for Imaan is, that is why he chose to walk on the path that he has never walked on before & that too with so much of devotion that he ended up making Molvi Aleemuddin anxious.

I loved loved loved how they began Hammad’s journey on the right path & how they showed his transition from someone who didn’t even know the basics as he was never taught about all of that throughout his life, into someone who was now putting all his energies into perfecting himself in every aspect related to the religion. What I loved the most about Hammad’s journey was the it was Abdullah who unwillingly was getting to monitor Hammad & was getting familiar with Hammad as a person. Even though Molvi Aleemuddin pushed Hammad away from himself by telling Abdullah to take care of Hammad’s concerns, he didn’t know that by doing this, Molvi Aleemuddin himself was giving Abdullah a chance to become Hammad’s supporter as the more he was getting to interact with Hammad, the more he was growing sympathetic towards him. It was actually quite beautiful to see that Hammad not even for a second tried to think that by doing all of this, that too in front of Molvi Aleemuddin, he will be able to move or impress him. Yes, Hammad did choose Molvi Aleemuddin & Abdullah as his teachers, but that was only to prove a point that when he decided he had nothing to do with his family, it also included getting rid of all the habits that might remind Molvi Aleemuddin of the fact that Hammad belonged to Amjad Raza’s family!

Honestly speaking, in the first season, I never once got to know whether Imaan fell in love with Hammad or not but I am so glad, the clarity with which they showed everything in this season made it a bit too obvious that Imaan felt a little something in her heart for Hammad. The scene at the railway station, where Hammad was carrying Imaan’s luggage was absolutely beautiful yet overwhelming. To see a man suffer to such an extent of punishing himself is definitely something huge & that is the reason why Imaan became restless & she couldn’t keep her eyes off Hammad as she was trying to grasp the fact that Hammad was so in love with her that he left everything for her & was now doing something that he isn’t supposed to do. Even though Abdullah might not want to admit, but even he can not ignore the fact that Hammad’s love for Imaan is pure, that is why throughout this episode, it was evident that Abdullah was feeling bad for Hammad because even he couldn’t make himself understand that a guy like Hammad, who had everything in his life could go to such an extent for the sake of his love. Then came the interaction of Hammad & Imaan, no words, just pure feelings being conveyed through eyes & some tears, absolutely beautiful, magical & the best scene of the episode for me. That was the moment when Imaan also realized the purity & level of Hammad’s love for her, that is why she was touched & moved. Simply beautiful!

I love the fact that Hammad’s aura & persona is just so attractive that anyone who gets to interact with him can’t go without forming a connection with him, that is the reason we see Ghafoor, Siddique & Kheru, everyone supporting Hammad wholeheartedly. For the first time, Ghafoor got to know the reason why Hammad was punishing himself like this, but being someone who has experienced the pain that love causes you, Ghafoor could totally understand what Hammad was going through & why he was putting himself through all of this. It is actually quite nice to see that Hammad now has few well-wishers who root for him & support him.

To be honest, I never developed a feeling of detest for Molvi Aleemuddin in the 1st season because I felt he was just a very humble & modest person who couldn’t bring himself to put up with the pressures of the society but in this season, I am not really a fan of Molvi Aleemuddin because his personality has been elaborated clearly & the viewers have gotten an insight of his thought process which reeks of ego & wrong blend of culture & religion as per his convenience. The note at which the episode ended was a decisive point for me & it sealed the deal that Molvi Aleemuddin, he might be really nice in all other aspects, but he was someone who would mix culture with the religion to find an escape for himself from awkward situations. Everything that Molvi Aleemuddin said to guy who posed the question about opting for love marriage went to show that he was just trying to prove his point to Hammad that no matter what happens, he can not get married to Imaan because he loves her. It is absolutely sad that despite seeing the dedication & honesty of Hammad, Molvi Aleemuddin is letting his ego get the better of him because he can not bring himself to admit that a young lad, who might not even have as much knowledge about religion as he does, is challenging his beliefs & is actually right in his own accord. Hammad has done enough to prove his love for Imaan & more than that, the purity of his intentions but Molvi Aleemuddin can not look past Hammad’s family background & he is a little shallow to be unable to forgive Hammad’s family for what they did & forget everything that happened in the past. It is sad that Molvi Aleemuddin is still being so judgmental when it comes to Hammad that he is unable to see how good of a human being Hammad is!

Overall, this episode was absolutely beautiful. I love the way the director has directed these past couple of episodes, where he shows on scenario but runs the story in the flashbacks, it makes everything seem quite engaging & the continuity seems perfect too. I actually really liked Humayun Ashraf’s performance in this episode, he surely has given Abdullah’s character a perfect treatment. Sadia Khan may not have many dialogues to deliver but she makes her presence felt in such limited scenes too. Firdous Jamal has acted brilliantly as Molvi Aleemuddin & he has maintained a thin line of not making his character seem totally negative. Now coming to the star of the episode & the star of the show & for me, that is Imran Abbas, oh well, I am sure no other actor would’ve played Hammad’s character the way Imran Abbas has & no other actor could’ve done justice to such a beautiful character. I’m certain of the fact that if it wasn’t for Imran Abbas, we would’ve never felt the emotions that Hammad goes through & the pain that he suffers, there is such honesty in Imran Abbas’s performance that just keeps your eyes glued to the screen & your mind searching for more. Hats off, that’s all that I can say! Thank you so much Team Khuda Aur Mohabbat & most importantly, Thank You So Much Imran Abbas! Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

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