Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 12 Review – Love Story Done Right!

Ohkay so, this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was a bit on the slower side but nevertheless I had a great time watching it because it still had some very crucial developments to its credit. I liked the fact that this episode had a lesser number of flashbacks & the to & fro was mostly between the events that were taking place in the present. I really like how the team of Khuda Aur Mohabbat never falters in stirring some emotions in every other episode because this time around too, there came a couple of scenes which touched me & left me feeling overwhelmed. When the drama or the characters start affecting & touching the viewers on an emotional level, it definitely seals the deal that everything has been done to perfection! Well done Team Khuda Aur Mohabbat!

So, Kamran & Ebaad got to meet Hammad & they came up with the solution that Hammad’s choices should be respected & nothing should be done which might push Hammad away from them as well. Even though seeing Hammad’s mother crying for her son did make Kamran & Ebaad feel bad for her but it was good to see that they chose to stick with their decision of keeping Hammad’s whereabouts a secret. I did feel bad for Hammad’s mother though because may be for the first time she realized her mistakes & she realized how she took her son for granted. It is sad that Abrina has so much of say in that house, that too in those matters where she can see a son & a mother have drifted apart because of her & her sister. It is actually quite immature & selfish of Abrina to think everyone in her husband’s family should put her younger sister ahead of Hammad, the son of this family too!

Abdullah decided to address the issue that was bothering him & that was to find out about Imaan’s perspective about this marriage that was decided by her father. Even though Imaan did try to come clean with Abdullah but the answer that she gave him was enough for him to know that she was only following the orders of her father & didn’t have her heart into it. Abdullah might not have reacted but his expressions were enough to tell a tale of what he was going through when he got to know that Imaan was not emotionally involved in this relationship that they both were about to form.

It was good to see that at least Haya decided to put things into perspective for Imaan. Haya can see that just by seeing Hammad in pain, Imaan is not herself anymore as well & as much as Hammad needs, Imaan also needs a closure. Haya knows that Imaan feels guilty & she also knows that her entire family is the reason why Hammad is punishing himself, so Haya decided to take the matter in her hands where she wanted to do something for Hammad so that he stops torturing himself because of Imaan – because of a girl who he can never be with. Even though Imaan retaliated but it was good to see that she understood Haya’s perspective too & realized that everything that Haya was saying wasn’t a lie & yes, Imaan herself has been feeling guilty for Hammad’s current situation, that is why she gave in & sent him a letter. It was heart-wrenching to see Hammad all lost in his thoughts when he got a message from Nighat that Imaan wanted to send him a message, it looked like he wasn’t himself because the anticipation was getting the better of him & he only had one thing on his mind, which was his upcoming meeting with either Haya or Imaan!

The best scene of this episode for me was the conversation Siddique, Najma & Hammad had about Hammad’s further education & the way Najma showed him a path through which Hammad could shape up his future. It is sad that everyone knows Imaan is practically out of Hammad’s life therefore they all feel burdened & responsible for the fact that they can’t let Hammad ruin his life while chasing a shadow which he can never get his hands on. Najma’s idea behind the thesis was actually based on Hammad’s personal struggle, his entire journey which has taught him so much & she knew, that Hammad had to put this experience to good use because this is the only thing which is going to help him move on in his life.

Hammad sent a letter back to Imaan & that made her even more restless. The way Imaan broke down after reading what Hammad wrote went to show that she was not only feeling guilty for him but she was also in love with him as well, so much that her heart ached when she got to know what Hammad was feeling. Another beautiful scene was the conversation between Haya & Imaan, where Haya addressed the elephant in the room & tried to get to the root cause of what actually it was that was bothering Imaan & making her restless? Haya did try to put a label on what it was that Imaan was feeling & she asked her sister if it was the emotion of love that unwillingly Imaan developed for Hammad? I loved how Haya suggested that Imaan should at least meet Hammad once to get to a conclusion & understand what is it that is making her so anxious.

Overall, this episode was beautiful & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I love how strategically they use the OST, it just adds so much charm to the entire scenario. However, I will say that in few of the scenes, I found the background music to be quite loud & annoying, I really hope they stop using that particular piece because I literally had to mute my TV as that sound was so irritating. Also, I will say I am so disappointed with those people working at GEO TV who are responsible for uploading the online episodes because where last week we all were requesting them to improve the quality, this time around the audio was not in sync with the video & it just killed like literally ruined the charm of the episode. I really think they need to be considerate towards the viewers & their wishes because this is most certainly not the right way to treat the fans of GEO’s drama. Anyways, needless to say that Imran Abbas was perfect in this episode as well. I just absolutely love how expressive his eyes are like you can feel the pain & intensity of each & every emotion that the character of Hammad is going through & that is only because of Imran Abbas’s perfect portrayal. The rest of the cast did a beautiful job too but the one who stood out for me in this episode was the girl who is playing the role of Haya, she actually seemed like a concerned younger sister who wanted to make things right & was doing everything to play her part, she seemed so genuinely concerned & it looked just so realistic. I can’t wait to see what’s more in store for us, please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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