Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 27 Story Review – Mahi’s Fever

Pace tass se mass hui aur bas, pace tass se mass hui aur bas. As expected, this entire episode was dedicated to Mahi’s fever. It is actually sad that the director thought dragging a drama & story this much was the right thing to do. It is because of this slow-paced treatment that now makes me question whether there is something substantial to the story or not? I really can’t believe that I just watched an entire episode, dedicated to the tussle between two mothers; one who has lost her son but still trying to make amends & the other, who lost her breath at the thought of her daughter’s fever!

From Boisterous Mahi To Ideal Bahu Mahi

So, Mahi’s mother came to take her back only to find her bedridden with a high temperature. Mahi showed absolutely no signs of fever the next morning but till then, her mother got a golden opportunity to get back at Jageerdarni. Fever comes & goes but it seems maybe Mahi’s mother doesn’t know that or maybe she also doesn’t know about the magical medicine called panadol. I know I am getting too much into the feverish side of the episode because this is exactly what they gave me to discuss here.

Jageerdarni couldn’t help but get disappointed at Mahi’s mother’s behavior because in her mind she was planning for Sikandar’s proposal. She realized immediately that this is one tough cookie to crack but luckily for her, panadol worked & Mahi’s fever subsided, which made Mahi deal with this entire situation rationally & put an end to this negativity. I loved how Mahi’s mother justified eating dinner at Jageerdarni’s place citing it as her ‘majboori’ because apart from that, she didn’t want the rest of her family members to taste the food!

I think Sahiba misunderstood that she was not coming to Jageerdarni’s place at a funeral but instead she was coming to take Mahi back. The kind of dressing she had done was way too simple & didn’t go well with her stature & status. Mahi’s mother on the other hand was well dressed & had a bit of jewelry therefore there was no need for Sahiba to be dressed as if she was still mourning Taimoor’s loss. Mahi finally let Sahiba know that Farhad was alive & eating. The way Sahiba jumped at the news was the kind of reaction I expected from her because she has always magnified everything related to Farhad in front of Mahi, so her motive was achieved.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 27 Story Review - Mahi's Fever

The writer & director Dervish who knows everything about Farhad’s life knew that this was the time he had to send Farhad to Mahi’s house because he knew that this is going to be the day when Farhad will finally find out where she lives & that her husband is no more. I like how seamlessly the Dervish has taken the role of being the writer & the director of this drama & Farhad’s life because this precision is definitely not something a person could achieve just like that. The idea of ‘ilham’ has been pushed to such a limit that instead of believing in it, I think logically it is safe to believe that he happens to be not only the writer but the director of the drama too. HAQQQQQQQ!!!!!

Writer-director Dervish knew that Mahi had completed her iddat, not because she came to the Mazaar. This was something he knew when he went to pray for Jageerdarni’s health at her place. He said when the time would be right, he will ask for a favor in return. So, this was W&D Dervish’s calculated decision of sending Farhad. Just because this episode did not have much meaningful scenes, the two that did were made a part of the promo last week. I think it isn’t a bad idea after all that Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 can be followed just by watching the promos because the episodes themselves barely have something to offer!

So, our Sikandar Bhai got dumped & Romana vanished into thin air. He tried hard to figure out where she went but all in vain. Sikandar was hurt & upset but as the promo suggested, he won’t take much time before moving on because he can see how attached his kids are to Mahi. Just because Romana went out of the picture, it became easier for him to take this decision.


This episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 was slow & practically had nothing to offer. I really wonder why the mothers in this drama become so caricaturish at times. Farhad’s mother was left bewildered for good, Jageerdarni who was at least being embarrassed of her bad behavior was being pushed to the side, although she too had bouts of negativity in the beginning. & now Mahi’s mother who could see the love & care Jageerdarni had for Mahi was still adamant to show her anger & frustrations even when she could see that Jageerdarni wasn’t being rude to them. Anyways, as the promo suggested, next week the only meaningful scene in this entire episode might be the confrontation between Farhad & W&D Dervish, let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.

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  • wrong! The episode was very entertaining. Well acted and well directed! The drama is little bit dreamy bur so what? It is very entertaining and the hero of the drama is Dervish. Rest of the cast is puppets.

  • Hahahahahahahahaha. Even though i have not watched a single episode of this cheap drama but reading your reviews are enough to amuse oneself rather than wasting MBs on this foolish drama. I think it was created only to make money and nothing else..

    I wish humhaare production houses bhi Dark, Sweet Tooth, Shadow and Bone, 1899, Money Heist jaisa kuch banaye. Is pyar aur mohabbat ki sarhad sey nikal kar

    • Appka sahi decision hai bilkul. Aggar appka ye drama kabhi dekhne ka dil kare bhi to bas promos dekh liya, MBs bhi bach jayeinge aur drama bhi pura samajh aa jayega. :D

    • We love these sarcastic reviews. It is better to stop reading the reviews instead of writing pathetic comments <3

      • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Pakistani Po you are a dignified commenter. The reviews are immature. If the reviewer thinks such sarcasm is justified then others can direct such sarcasm towards her and she and her followers must tolerate. Same rules for everyone.

        • The point is, this thread is made to discuss the dramas. Just like I discuss what I do or don’t like about the drama, the commenters should too. If you like any drama, point out the goods about it. It is amusing how some people make it all about what I say instead of sharing what they like. The best example here is Umair’s comment, he pointed out what he liked about the episode, which shows how he is contributing to the discussion & sharing his own opinion rather than making it about why or what I didn’t like.

        • I am sorry but there is a difference in disagreeing, sarcasm and calling someone’s work ‘pathetic’. The reviewer points out what is wrong in the drama in a sarcastic way but still does not call it pathetic despite all of its shortcomings. The people in the comments start crossing the line to register their disagreement.

    • It is better to start sharing your opinion about this awesome drama, instead of making it all about my reviews/opinions.

      • It is better if you get used to receive what you give. Drama writers actors and producers are also humans like you. Why can’t people criticize you as you do them.

      • Zahra

        Although i like your wit and sarcasm in your reviews.
        They are quality

        But still.. I don’t think you have ever met a true Wali and if you did.. You will know that the Faqeer portrayed here is exactly that.. The Buzurgs do know everything.. Obviously would have had to describe the taste of an apple without actually having tasting it.. Haqq? Lol

  • LOL LOL LOL! Loved the review SO MUCH! You were on fire!
    The W&D Dervesh needs to speed things up and end this torture now. I got to know that Hashim Nadeem wrote 29 episodes for KAM3, so I went to watch the OST to see how much of it is left and the amount of content in the OST made me realize that they are gonna take it to 49 episodes because there is so much that has to happen yet. It somehow made me realize that the Khuda aspect of Farhad’s journey is yet to start. I don’t know why is 7th sky so obsesses with dragging their dramas like a chewing gum.

    • Haha, thank you so much PP. Actually I also remember hearing in one of the interviews that maybe this drama might have 30 episodes, which I just didn’t believe. I knew it even before it began that the producers are going to drag it & make the most of it; so I agree, we’re definitely looking at 45+ episodes araam se. When they can drag dramas like Raaz e Ulfat & Ghar Titli Ka Par, they already knew people were eagerly waiting for KAM3, hence they kept the drama snail-paced!

  • Good Review !
    Mahi ky Giranye ka Scene aur us Par Darvesh Ki Voice Over… KamaaL..
    Jageerdarni aur Mulazmaao ki language…bhut hi shandar delivery.
    Jageerdarni ki Dervash sy mulaqat aur Dua ka concept…awesome.!
    Last main aik prediction ky Romana aur Chanda jis New Muhalay ma Gaye hain…wo jahan tak mera khayal hai Farhad ky ghar ky aas paas reh further pata chalye ga , romana ki mulaqat ho gi farhad ky ghar walo ky sath aur wahan usko maloom ho ga ky farhad kon hai..
    Regards: Umair

    • Thank you so much Umair. Appki prediction kafi zaberdast hai, I think yehi aik tareeqa ho sakta hai Farhad ki family ko uske baray mai pata lagne ka. :)

  • اس بخار کو میں کیا نام دوں!۔۔۔

    بالی ووڈ والوں کو تو وہ پیار سمجھ نہیں آرہا تھا، ہمیں بخار یاترا ہضم نہیں ہورہی۔ “ہئی میری بیٹی کو ضرور کرونا ہوگیا ہے، کہاں بھیجا تھا تم لوگوں نے اسے بغیر ماسک کے؟” اب یہ واویلا ہوتا تو بھی بات بنتی، یہاں تو وہ بخار جو ایک دن میں ختم بھی ہوگیا، اتنا شور! زندگی میں پہلی دفعہ ہوا تھا لاڈو رانی کو شاید! اور اگر پہلے ماتھا ٹھنکا بھی تھا ماں جی کا تو کسی سے پوچھ ہی لیتی کہ کیا یہ عدت بنتی بھی یے یا نہیں!

    اور ماہی بیبی دوسرے دن ٹہلنے بھی چلی گئی، کہاں گئی وہ نقاہت؟ بس فادی میاں سے آنکھیں چار ہونی تھیں! اب دوبارا نا زمین پر تشریف آوری ہو بیچاری کمزور جان کی۔۔۔۔

    اور پھر خیر سے حویلی کے ڈاکٹر بھی ایسی ہیں کہ کیا کہنے

    اور اس درویش کہلوانے والے کو پتا نہیں کہ یہ دونوں نا محرم ہیں ایک دوسرے کیلئے۔۔۔

    بازاری تھی مگر تھی اصولوں والی رومانہ، چھوڑ گئی اپنی بیٹھک، اب یہ کپڑے سئے گی اور ایک دن اس کے ساؤتھ پنجاب میں بہت بڑے آؤٹ لیٹ ہونگے اور وہاں ماہی اور سکندر آئیں گے اور یہ عرض گذار ہوگی ” میں تو بس ایک ادنیٰ سی درزن ہوں، آپ کہیں تو حویلی کے کسی کونے میں بیٹھ کر آپ لوگوں کے کپڑے سیتی رہوں۔۔

    • Hahhahha haveli ke kisi konay mai beth kar app logon ke kapre see doon. 🤣🤣🤣 Uf appki imagination ko salam. Kasam se appki corona wala baat bhi bilkul theek hai, Amman sayeinnn aisay wawela macha rahi thin jaisay Mahi ko pata nahi kya ho gaya hai! Bas jee abb to is drama mai yehi sab dekhne aur sehne ko milega.

  • I grow up watching kAm season 1 and 2. This drama is not doing justice to the previous sequels. Sometimes it seems so lame first off I didn’t get how fedi was head over heels with mahi. They didn’t give enough time to build up each character.

    • I totally agree, season 3 doesn’t even come close to how special the 1st season was. They just took advantage of its popularity & used the name to sell this commercial drama. Farhad’s love for Mahi as well as his spiritual journey haven’t been elaborated properly right from the beginning.

  • I gave up watching KAM 3 ages ago bit still following your reviews because they are thoroughly
    entertaining. At this point the only thing that will make me watch another episode will be Farhaad’s Ma and father find out about the whole and he gets a solid ‘chapeir’ followed by a chitrol Lubna Faryad (Of Amma TV aur Mein fame) style!

  • This type of script, which is rooted in the traditional culture of Pakistan, requires a lot of ingenuity to write. Deep knowledge of culture is required. Then the writer has very little freedom to deviate from the narrow path of traditions and show something unconventional.
    There is a distinct culture of Astanas of Peers. If you are deviating from this culture and showing something else, then understand that you are making okra jalebi The atmosphere of the Peers’ Astanas is not feudal but mystical. All the time the devotees throng, Langar, Qawwali, Hazrat Sai’s deedar, sometimes a Urs festival etc. etc. Womenfolk are kept in the toughest veil. There is no chance that any outsider can see the shadow of women.
    It is an Islamic law in the Qur’an that if only the marriage takes place and the man dies or divorce takes place before the couple meets, then the iddah of the girl does not take place at all. Remember that iddah is related to pregnancy.
    The feudal class is also active in politics. In their case, if a death occurs, the menfolk become busy in the care of the bigwigs and influential people who come to offer condolences. In case of a murder they deal with police teams. Attends frequent phone calls from Lahore and Islamabad. They don’t even think of reciting on grains.
    The feudal lords ladies do not go to the shrines so frequently, nor do they call the Malang Jogis home and talk to them for hours.
    This is a very short correction of a very big mess called Khuda aur Mohabbat. Which has become a mumbo jumbo. Sikander’s girl friend who, despite sitting in the bazaar like Raqse Bismal’s heroine, is very clean, polite and nasta’liq, is invited to the haveli, even though it is the age of the mobile phone. Farhad Mian appearson haveli gate almost daily. Faqir Sahib and his disciples do not have the taufeeq to pray five times a day, but they know everything about the past and the future.