Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 11!

Once again, it was a simple but an interesting episode. I like how things are unfolding in this drama where everyone is realizing one thing or the other & deep down their guilt & regret is multiplying. The story is pretty decent & simple but the way things are being told makes it an interesting drama to tune to.

Sadly, Zoya is finding it hard to deal with an entirely different family set up she has stepped into. Every single day, every single time she is reminded of the fact about how different her husband & his family’s values are. Zoya comes from a very simple background in which no matter what Khalida does on her own, she at least instilled some morals & ethics in her offspring & now when Zoya is asked to compromise on the same morals & ethics, she feels suffocated. Slowly & gradually, Zoya is learning a lot more about Adnan’s dirty family secrets which are shocking as well as sickening for her.

I liked the fact that for the first time Moeez himself made Khalida realize about the sort of a person he is. It was good to see Khalida being guilty & ashamed for what she has done with Zoya because deep down she knows who was better for her daughter but just because it was Moeez she considered as her priority, Khalida succumbed to his pressures & sealed a wrong deal of Zoya’s fate.

Adnan is a very difficult person to be with. He is like that because his parents allowed him to become like that. They never really tried to shape up his character or teach him a thing or two about how to be a good person & about morality but instead everything he ever did was always brushed under the carpet & he was never rebuked for it which is why sadly, Zoya is now facing the brunt of his bad upbringing. Even though Zoya’s MIL does feel bad for her but still by the end of the day, like a typical woman she is, she only supports her son because she knows she can’t do anything to change him so she thinks the only best solution is to make Zoya change & adapt to Adnan’s demands because according to her, Zoya comes from such a place where she can be easily moulded as she hasn’t seen such luxuries before.

It was interesting to see Akhtar finding out everything about Adnan before Khalida did because in that case, she either wouldn’t have believed what had seen or she would’ve concealed everything from Akhtar. Akhtar knew something was wrong because he could see that in Zoya’s eyes but Khalida could not or in fact Khalida didn’t want to see that because that would’ve been more like a reflection of her wrongdoing. Khalida saw how furious Akhtar was that is why she ended up believing what Zoya said, even though she told her daughter to compromise, she had to believe in Zoya’s confessions because she heard Akhtar testify against Adnan too.

I am sure this thing will create more problems for Zoya because she has yet to deal with Sanam & Sanam will do everything to make Moeez’s family look bad & wouldn’t allow anyone to say a word about her own family. I am interested to see what’ll happen ahead & how this drama will end. Share your thoughts please.

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