Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 18 & 19!

Ohkay, so, it looks like they are now wrapping up the drama. As much as I found the latest episode normal, I really found the characters & their reactions abnormal. One of the strengths of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai was that all the characters used to look genuine & realistic, but since the day Zoya’s predicament began, they all lost the plot & it looked like all the characters were flawed by the writer purposely.

So, it was Junaid, who took the initiative & tried to knock some sense into Zoya’s family, but they chose to ignore & Akhtar not only overlooked whatever Junaid was trying to say, he also started doubting Zoya too. Akhtar actually thought that Zoya along with Junaid planned everything so that she could get a divorce from Adnan. Of all the people in that family, I really thought Akhtar was the sane one, but sadly he proved me wrong too. Akhtar sent Zoya back thinking he was doing the right thing, but later when he showed the signs of distress, I felt nothing for him because he was just as much of a culprit as Khalida was.

The whole party scene was ill-directed because nothing made sense & the scene lacked the flow. I think they should have paid a lot of attention to that particular scene because it was a game changer & that is when Zoya took a stand for herself so they should have worked hard to make it impactful. Anyways, it was good to see her speaking up for herself & luckily her MIL also ended up supporting her words. The funniest bit was how Sanam was trying to keep Moeez locked in the room just because without even attending the party, she knew what was happening to Zoya afterwards? Both Sanam & Moeez went there to attend the gathering too, so why was it that Moeez never heard what Zoya said & instead chose to stay in the room till all the guests left & Adnan started hitting Zoya? Anyways, the way they got to that point doesn’t really matter, what matters is that they finally made Moeez hear those words so that he could come to Zoya’s rescue.

Moeez actually understood that he was the reason why Khalida lied to everyone & he was the reason why Zoya was facing all this & it was good to see him taking the responsibility too. Even after Moeez decided to come clean about that matter, Khalida chose to remain aloof & in denial, which actually made my urge to smack her even stronger. Khalida chose not to believe the words of her beloved son Moeez as well & that made me think why wasn’t she ready to accept that her daughter has been divorced? What was so unusual about it? Didn’t she see it coming given the sort of a person Adnan was?

I don’t know why, but it looks like Sajjal Ali always chooses such roles where she gets to act all normal & relaxed no matter what she has been through? Even this time around after a long period of hardships, Zoya looked so unaffected as if nothing really happened to her & that made me remind of Rameen as well. Zoya recovered pretty well & looks like she will be ready to move onto the new chapter of her life too.

With Moeez divorcing Sanam & Khalida shutting down her Istikhara center & Zoya finally getting a divorce from Adnan too, I really thought this was the perfect time to end the series, but it may take an episode or two before Zoya & Junaid get back together because Junaid’s fiancée Sana is not going to let go of him so easily & I am in no mood for more such further draggjng of this drama. Even though she knows that Junaid still loves Zoya, she is trying hard to keep her relation intact. I really hope that the 20th episode happens to be the last one & they don’t drag it any further because all, there’s left in this drama is to get Zoya & Junaid married to each other. So, this is it from my side, I am so glad that the torture is about to end, how about you guys? Please share your thoughts about these episodes & let me know how hard are you all waiting for it to end?

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