Khudgarz Episode 11 & 12 Review – Phenomenal!

Ohkay so, I must say this drama is one intelligent piece of writing which has also been executed intelligently because of which, it leaves an impact on the viewer even after the episode ends. The way the writer has dealt with all the characters while keeping their personalities distinct & strong makes this drama a treat to tune to. I am also glad that Khudgarz has turned out to be quite unpredictable & because the negative character’s secrets are being revealed slowly & steadily, you can’t really foresee what he’s upto!

I felt this time around the writer tried to shed a light on Hassan’s perspective by telling what actually went wrong in his life & may be because of that reason, when I saw him shedding tears, I kind of felt for him. Hassan not only lost the love of his life but the thing that he was passionate about i-e bike riding also caused him pain & turned his world upside down. Hassan had serious injuries but even though he recovered physically from it, the emotional scars haven’t healed yet. His lady love Sara also left him which added more to his woes & I guess in the middle of it all, he saw that his father was going to dance to his tunes as he blindly trusted & over sympathized with him, which now has become a reason behind Hassan’s destruction. It is sad that in stead of showing Hassan the right path, Munawwar goes out of the way to extend support to him even when he knows that his son is or might be wrong. I feel this is the main reason why Hassan has become so bitter because Munawwar has given him the edge that he can do whatever he wants to, to later get away with it!

Aairah was obviously feeling uneasy with Hassan’s attitude as she could feel that he was upto some mischief but she was unable to put a finger on it. She definitely had no idea that Hassan would assassinate her character by blaming her of something she couldn’t even think of!

I must say, the best part of this entire episode was a showdown between Aairah & Munawwar where Aairah not only gave it back to Hassan but also showed Munawwar a mirror for all of his wrongdoings. No wonder Hassan has turned out to be like this because he takes it after his father in both; unreasonability & being wrong. I loved seeing how Aairah stood up for herself & asked Munawwar the reasons as to why he got her married to Junaid when all he had to do was insult her, question her presence in the house & doubt her loyalties & intentions, while still knowing that she could never do something like this!

It was sad that Inayat ended up being a part of Hassan’s plan, I am sure it was because he is in need of money but I don’t know why I have a feeling that he might lose his baby & will then confess about his lies. The way Inayat distanced himself from Aairah & couldn’t meet eyes with her went to show that he was feeling guilty already as he knew what was coming her way. I must say I loved the way they showed that Aairah didn’t mind apologizing from Inayat, this is something which needs to be conveyed & reinforced because even in other dramas, everyone is shown to be insulting the servants left, right & center so it was a nice change!

Junaid & Aairah’s relation on the other hand was also refreshing to see. It was sad that for a moment Aairah doubted Junaid, it showed that when Hassan was negative & impolite, she didn’t pay heed to anything that he said but now that he was posing to be nice & sweet, his whispers overtook her thoughts & she couldn’t see anything beyond that & ended up doubting Junaid’s loyalty. Junaid & Aairah both have proved their love to each other that is why Aairah didn’t let the suspicion get the better of her!

I don’t know but it was a bit unconvincing that Aairah’s father didn’t bother telling his only daughter that he was moving to USA & most importantly, he was selling their house? No matter what, I don’t think any father can be so aloof or so busy to not bother telling his daughter about such an important detail!

I loved the way Abeer gave it back to her nosey colleague, like it was nice to see such a confident & happy Abeer who felt secured after her marriage with someone who respected & loved her. Even though Aairah brought her out of the depression but the one who introduced her to real happiness is Raheel. Abeer’s mother also contacted her & started spending time with her but I have a feeling that she was hiding something from Abeer about her husband as she grew uncomfortable when Abeer asked her a basic question.

Overall, I once again had a great time watching this episode of Khudgarz. Sami Khan took the crown this week with his phenomenal acting, followed by Amina Sheikh who also stole the show. I can’t wait to see the dynamics after Junaid’s return. Rida Bilal & Yasir Nawaz should take a bow for bringing such an amazing drama to the table. It sure is a treat to watch. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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