Khudgarz Episode 18 Review – Intense!

Ohkay so, it is so good to have a drama which doesn’t disappoint. 18 episodes of Khudgarz have been aired & it is still going strong, giving us so much more to explore & look forward to. I am glad we’re getting to see such a drama which has stayed on track & is unfolding just so interestingly, week after week!

Munawwar continued to be unreasonable & his unreasonability touched new sky when ever after finding out that the dead body wasn’t Hassan’s, he told Junaid to leave the house taking Aairah with him. Munawwar might have brought Junaid in his life because he pitied him, but he was also well aware of the fact that when the time will come, he will be able to use Junaid as a punching bag. Even if it wasn’t for Hassan or Aairah or anyone, this is exactly what Munawwar must have done with Junaid because he always had this arrogance & sense of superiority that he did a favor on him!

Aairah had a small accident but even though everything on the surface was fine, both Aairah & Junaid broke from within. Aairah obviously had her reasons that she didn’t want to step back in that house but it was so good to see Junaid finally standing up to Munawwar & his atrocities. Even though Junaid never said a word but the way he barged into the conference room & confronted Munawwar went to show that his patience was tested to the limit & he couldn’t take it anymore as he saw that he almost lost his child & his wife had suffered a lot. Even though it took a lot for Junaid to finally speak up, I am glad he did. Even after Munawwar told Junaid to leave the house, he spoke about Munawwar with so much of respect & affection when he told Aairah how he was raised & how his father helped him in putting everything together in his room. Junaid would have never changed, he would have never confronted Munawwar, he would have continued to bear his atrocities, but the love for Aairah in his heart forced him to bring some changes in himself as he knew that he had to protect not only Aairah but his child as well & also because Junaid felt guilty that his wife was facing the brunt for something she wasn’t even responsible for.

I must say, I love how strategically all the scenes are placed because just when things were getting a bit intense, the conversation between Abeer & Raheel was such a breather, also, it was so good to know that in such a tough time, Aairah & Junaid had Abeer & Raheel’s support. Sadly, Hassan once again tried to harm Abeer by calling Raheel’s mother but fortunately, Raheel tackled everything. Just when I was thinking that the relationship of Abeer & Raheel was lost in the background & their track was fizzled out, this conversation showed that they stil had their thing going on too. To be honest, for a moment I actually thought it could be Munawwar who must’ve contacted Raheel’s mother, I mean when he can pettily meet someone in person to stop Junaid’s hiring, then why can’t he stoop this low either?

Even though Hassan doesn’t realize it, he has started relying on Omar a lot. Right now Hassan might portray that he can still do without the help & support of Omar but deep inside even he knows that he needs Omar’s support. My favorite part of this entire episode was Omar’s contribution in bringing a change in Hassan, without making things preachy or forceful. Omar just shared his past & personal experiences, he just told Hassan a tale or two of what actually people go through. Omar exactly knows that Hassan needs to hear all of this to bring a change in himself but he isn’t trying to force anything on him by giving him lectures, it’s like he minds his own business, but whenever he feels the need, he speaks up.

To be honest, I shed a tear listening to Omar’s story. No wonder why he connects with Hassan & more than that he understands where he comes from because Omar has been there too & he has paid a heavy price for it, therefore he exactly knows that in the course of punishing his family, Hassan is punishing himself as well. Hassan tried to judge Omar by thinking that he couldn’t make his marriage work but what he heard was enough to shake him up. Hassan was already struggling to cope up with what he heard & may be that’s why he allowed himself to go with Omar to the welfare centre but there what he experienced broke the ice, it shattered the walls of his ego & that was enough for Hassan to realize that the world had bigger problems, people had bigger issues that they dealt with. Just because Hassan was so absorbed in his own being, in his own problems all his life, he never really got to experience what life actually is & how hard or cruel it can be for others, that’s why he changed & that too unwillingly. I loved the way Hassan sat in seclusion trying to gather his thoughts & then Omar came to help him put things into perspective. Omar made Hassan realize that life wasn’t over just yet & because he had gone to one side of the spectrum, he could now experience the other side with all his heart too – absolutely beautiful!

My my! It was such a perfect & amazing episode. I love all the conversations & the dialogues of this drama. Yasir Nawaz is not only an ace director, he is a very fine actor as well & I am so glad & want to personally thank him for playing the role of Omar because I am sure no one else could’ve breathed life into this character the way he has done. The writer Rida Bilal should take a bow for bringing such an intelligent script, such complex characters & beautifully written dialogues to the table, she nailed it. All the actors, Amina Sheikh, Salman Saeed, Mansha Pasha, Shaheen Khan, Sami Khan, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Yasir Nawaz, every single one of them has done a marvellous job & Syed Jibran deserves a special mention for even changing his body language like sporting slouched shoulders to fit the character of Junaid. Hats off Team Khudgarz, well done. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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