Khudgarz Episode 19 Review – Beautiful!

Ohkay so, it was yet another intense episode of Khudgarz with powerpacked performances & beautifully written dialogues to its credit. This drama is for sure one of its kind, it just keeps you engaged & I really don’t remember watching a drama like Khudgarz in a long long time where not even a single thing can be picked up as a flaw or a plothole because the execution along with the script has been so strong that it just doesn’t leave a margin for any errors!

Aairah & Junaid moved to Abeer’s place. Even though Aairah always had Abeer to talk to, I actually liked that in the form of Raheel, even Junaid got a friend with whom he could share everything that was running on his mind. Junaid was obviously trying to carry a facade only to show Aairah that he was perfectly alright, so that she doesn’t feel guilty but deep inside he was struggling too. Junaid was suffering from all the ends, he had so many pressures to deal with but because he couldn’t tell it all to Aairah, he just poured his heart out to Raheel. I believe this was the first time Junaid got a chance to complain & speak about all the hardships that life was throwing at him one after the other, because before that, he would always keep his feelings bottled up. Since Raheel also had a baggage attached to Hassan & also because he had firsthand experienced what Abeer was going through when she was associated with him, Raheel knew what Aairah & Junaid must be feeling. Their interactions time to time about different issues were nicely & reaslitically done.

Aairah on the other hand shared her frustrations with Abeer because she was feeling guilty for what Junaid’s life has become after their marriage. It was good that Aairah was also mindful of the fact that everyone around them was just punishing them for being happy. The baby shower that Abeer threw for Aairah was sweet & just what she needed to get distracted from all that was happening in her life.

Well, even though everyone has had a chance to tell Munawwar how wrong he has been but what Amir said to him was spot on. Everything that Munawwar did for Junaid, though started off with a bit of sympathy then turned into his selfishness where he knew that Junaid will take care of the family business for him. It is sad that Munawwar gets so many reminders of how Hassan has failed as a son, yet he chooses to stay thick skinned, thinking he is doing some sort of favor to his son. After Junaid & Aairah left, Munawwar went to their room & had remorse on his face but it doesn’t outbid the cruelty he has treated them with!

Now talking about Hassan, once again, through Omar he got to experience what life actually is about. While looking at the changes Hassan unconsciously is bringing in himself, I was wondering how important role a good company plays on someone. All this while Hassan continued to be unreasonable because Munawwar despite being a father was just being a bad company, a bad influence on him. Even though Hassan spent a very limited amount of time with Omar, but in that time span, he learned what people actually go through & how harsh life can be for some & this is what really forced him to do some thinking. Meeting kids like Raza, Neha, knowing about a child he won’t be able to meet; Omar’s son, all these served as reminders to Hassan that people are faced with bigger tests & trials but he just because got rejected, he wrecked people’s lives apart. For the first time, after feeling Neha’s pain, Hassan realized how deeply all his insults & assaults would have affected Abeer & that’s when he decided to seek for forgiveness. Ah, that scene was absolutely beautiful where Hassan prayed & Omar just stood there watching a new & a better Hassan. I felt relieved when Omar didn’t tell Munawwar about Hassan, because firstly he knew that Hassan wasn’t ready to leave & secondly, he also knew that Hassan needed some more time to finally break free from the negativity that was holding him back from becoming a better person!

I loved this episode like all the previous episodes of Khudgarz. Hassan’s transition has to be one of the best aspects of this drama because it has been shown in such a realistic, non-preachy manner. How many times we come across such incidents or such people whose stories touch us on a very different level & they make us realize that we have to stop & evaluate what’s important, these things remind us that our life should not be revolving around our problems only. In times like these, we get to analyze that we can do better & we can move on. This is why I really like how Hassan, after seeing everything unwillingly got to realize how wrong he was all along. Love it. Sami Khan definitely took the crown in this episode with his phenomenal performance as Hassan; his regrets, his pain, his guilt, everything was portrayed to perfection. Oh well, please please someone tell me that nothing will happen to Junaid. As I typed this, I remembered Salma also had some dialogue referring to Munawwar later realizing who his son was…pleaseeee I don’t want to break my TV, so for that sake, I am, saying a little prayer that nothing happens to Junaid! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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