Tabeer Episode 2 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tabeer was pretty basic & strictly alright. I am sure once the actual story will kickstart it will definitely become a lot more interesting but it has had a very typical start which doesn’t excite you to tune next week, which I hope will change once the characters will be past the depressive stage of their lives.

Fawad’s wife was in fragile condition & Fawad was already having a hard time just thinking about how life would be if Zarnish will not be with him anymore. The doctors however promised him that things will get better but it does seem doubtful. In the middle of all this, Fawad’s needy mother felt the need to tell her son that he should draw a line, even if he was taking care of his wife who was unwell & also expecting his child. Fawad’s mother & her unreasonability already seemed like a forced filler which I am sure will continue to be the same till the drama will end or you never know when she might have a change of heart but for now, she is a filler & a bad one at that!

Yasir decided to surprise his wife & before he could come, Tabeer only had the thoughts of meeting her husband on her mind. It was sweet how she was keen on everything, from wearing a nice dress to cooking something that her husband likes. Tabeer is a very sensitive girl who couldn’t even hold her tears when she saw that her tired husband slept without even seeing the effort that she made, which brings me to my point that I would love to see what she will do & how she will deal with the trials that her life is going to throw at her.

So, Fawad mother demands Yasir to come back so that he can take care of the things on Fawad’s behalf & that’s when Yasir meets an accident & passes away. I am not sure how long will they take to bring Tabeer come to terms with the fact that her husband is no more because if there is one thing that I am not keen on while watching any drama is for it to have such a tragic & depressing start, sigh!

Overall, it was an average episode. The pace seems a little slow & since there are not many characters, it seemed a lot slower. I am not sure what to look forward to in a drama which has had such a depressing start. It is obvious that both Fawad & Tabeer are going to end up together but will that journey be worthwhile? We’ll see. Please share your thoughts.

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