Khudgarz Episode 20 Review – Heart-breaking!

Sigh! This episode was just so heart breaking but then again, the writer Rida Bilal deserves a perfect score for keeping things just so real. I must say the way the reactions of everyone were conveyed was just so realistic because in times like these, you are left with nothing but regrets because life hits you so hard & is always unpredictable!

Junaid imagined living his life peacefully with his child & his wife in this new apartment that he finally chose for himself & his family. He was just so happy because it was something that he knew Aairah wanted. This little apartment actually meant the beginning of new phase in their lives where they could finally be themselves, all settled, all happy but little did they know what life had in store for them.

Hassan finally gave words to every little detail, all the emotions, all those feelings that he experienced during his stay with Omar. Hassan was full of regrets, he knew that he might have lost every single chance of forgiveness because may be everyone will have a hard time believing him that he had actually changed & was ashamed over what he did in the past. Omar encouraged Hassan as he knew that he reached that state mentally & emotionally where he could see his family & apologize for what he did all these years!

Aairah had to go to the hospital & Junaid got to know about it. The moment he started having flashbacks, that’s when I actually thought that things might go wrong & sadly, it turned out to be what we all so didn’t want. Junaid couldn’t make it to the hospital to be able to see his daughter, to see Aairah. Once again, as heart-wrenching as it is, young untimely deaths shake everyone to the core & unfortunately, everyone in this case was a lot more regretful because they all knew how they wronged Junaid, how much they hurt him & played a part in his heart attack!

Be it Rabeea, be it Munawwar, Salma, Raheel, Abeer, Abeer’s mother & lastly Hassan, every single one of them grieved & mourned Junaid’s death because they knew that he left too soon & ended up leaving such a big void in their lives. Munawwar remembered all those harsh words that he said to Junaid few days before his death & guess what, as ashamed, as apologetic he was, Junaid couldn’t hear his apology. Hassan recalled how he never really treated Junaid with respect. Rabeea mourned as she knew how miserable his life was & how he never really complained & when it came to Aairah, her reaction ‘meri abbhi to baat hui thi’ was such a true depiction of how such news is met because no one can ever come to terms with such a young, tragic, untimely & sudden death.

Hassan was on his way to make amends & he was looking forward to meet Junaid the most but unfortunately, Junaid was no more, he was not going to be there to be able to forgive him, to share how hurt he was, to say anything to him. Hassan went back to Omar, in stead of going to his house because he knew he won’t be able to look into everyone’s eyes, he won’t be able to see Junaid all lifeless whereas he imagined meeting him thinking Junaid will put his heart to ease.

This episode was so so so heart breaking, even though the focus was only on Junaid’s death but that entire aspect couldn’t have been covered any other way because everyone’s reaction deserved a proper screen time. The moment where Aairah was waiting for Junaid while talking about how his daughter resembled him was so so heart breaking & emotional, she really didn’t know what was coming her way. It is so going to be a tough journey for Aairah from now on. Acting, writing & direction; absolutely phenomenal. I really don’t know what more to say, as I am actually sad! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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ps: Time to get a new TV as like I said, I am throwing this one out. Team Khudgarz better reimburse!

Zahra Mirza

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