Khudgarz Episode 22 Review – Tragic!

I’m sure no one saw this coming. A few weeks into this drama, quite a lot of viewers started commenting about Junaid’s death but I am sure no one could’ve predicted this about Aairah. This drama took sadness to another level & I am sure this episode must have left quite a lot of viewers heavy hearted too!

This episode focused on how everyone’s life was functioning without Junaid. Munawwar was just depressed because he couldn’t stop thinking about how things went wrong & how he couldn’t do anything to make them right. With every passing moment, Munawwar was reminded of how hard life was going to be because the guilt kept on bringing him down. With Junaid’s death, Munawwar changed as he was forced to re-evaluate what was important in life & he realized that it was high time he reciprocated the love with which Salma treated him all her life. Munawwar not only accepted but admitted that he was a weak man & because Salma’s submissiveness made him feel superior, he always oppressed her.

Munawwar finally got the cheque from the insurance company & all he could think of was how meaningless this amount was because it could never bring back his happiness; both of his sons. Munawwar didn’t have the courage to face Aairah or hold Dua because he held himself responsible for whatever Aairah was going through but because Salma encouraged him, he finally embraced his granddaughter.

Aamir was concerned for Aairah but then again Salma was right, Aairah could never be happy living away from a place where she spent her life with Junaid. Aairah was struggling, she couldn’t cope up with the fact that Junaid was no more. A psychiatrist who did so well professionally was becoming emotionally weak with each passing moment because people around her blamed her for being too happy with her husband. Junaid was her only safety blanket, her only comfort zone & now when he was no more, she just couldn’t stop herself from resorting to those pills which were acting like a slow poison. Aairah knew that after her, Dua won’t be left alone because she will find a mother, a sister, a friend in Abeer & that is exactly what happened. After Aairah passed away, Abeer decided to take care of Dua but despite Munawwar not being in its favor, Salma allowed Abeer. Salma knows that no matter what, Dua will need a mother & a father in her life, which was a space that both she & Munawwar won’t be able to fill.

Finally, Hassan came back only to find out that Aairah was no more. Hassan will now try to do everything to prove his love to Junaid by taking care of Dua but he will now understand how hard it is to he parted with someone you love after Abeer will take Dua away from him.

This episode was realistic & convincing & because of that, it was pretty depressing. Life surely is unpredictable & it is only because of ego, people end up ruining other’s lives & then spend the rest of theirs in regret. While watching Munawwar feeling guilty, all I could think of was how different things would have been if Munawwar hadn’t treated Junaid the way he did, sigh! Please share your thoughts.

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