Tabeer Episode 5 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tabeer was basic but in great detail it showed how life without Zarnish & Yasir was for Fawad & Tabeer.

Zarnish passed away after giving birth to a baby boy & Fawad’s life turned upside down. For the first time it was good to see Fawad’s mother taking an initiative in taking care of the new born & not only that, she genuinely seemed worried for his well being as well. Fawad tried the best to cope up with the loss but his mind automatically got diverted to his child & his needs.

Tabeer also missed Yasir but she knew that she had to take care of her son but then every single moment, she was reminded of how difficult things are going to be without Yasir. Yasir at least took care of his family in the best way possible when he was alive, that is why he made sure that he paid off the house loan so that Daadi & Tabeer could live peacefully but unfortunately, Ajju found out about it & because he is so money-hungry, he won’t miss a chance to grab it as soon as he can!

Sana came a little too late to see Zarnish only to find out that she passed away. Sana contacted Fawad to convey her condolences but also reminded him that he now has a bigger responsibility in the form of his son. Zarnish’s parents & their involvement in this entire matter was quite bizarre. It seemed as if Zarnish’s mother was never angry at her daughter but then she didn’t keep in touch with her either. Also, it was unconvincing that even after getting alerted from the doctors that the chances of Zarnish’s survival are slim, Fawad didn’t do anything to inform her mother especially. Even though Fawad contacted Zarnish’s father but still he should have let her mother know before anyone else.

Overall, it was a decent episode. This drama qualifies as a guilty pleasure but considering the depressing start that it has had, I can totally see why people might not want to tune to it as much. It looks like Tabeer & Daadi will be forced out of their home & I am sure Tabeer will become a foster mother to Fawad’s son, let’s see how things roll. Please share your thoughts.

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