Khudgarz Episode 3 & 4 Review – A Decent Watch!

Ohkay so, it was a decent episode of Khudgarz, but I will say that the precap of the next episode seemed more interesting. This time around, they tried to give an insight into the characters a bit more & took the story forward but again, even though the direction & the acting was spot on, I didn’t find anything new that as I was actually looking for!

Junaid & Aairah were trying to get on with their lives, seperately & together as well but deep inside, they both were hurt & unsure of what they are supposed to do because they both know that they have no way out of this relationship. Aairah did her best by forming a relationship with Salma, her mother in law & she then started getting to know more about Junaid, like his habits, his nature & his personality, which was good. The way Junaid started taking care of Aairah’s belongings was basically something that he did due to his routine but it was a gesture enough to show her that she was a part of the family as well. Junaid also saved Aairah from Hassan’s mistreatment which then gave her a chance to think about him & have a little idea about how courteous he was!

Junaid obviously was depressed too because he is someone who keeps his emotions bottled up & the only person who meant everything to him was Rabeea & sadly, he can’t be with her now. Salma could see that Junaid was struggling but even she knew that nothing could be done about it. It was good to see that Junaid confided in Inayat, that’s why he was feeling for him as well.

Hassan chose to do everything to tease & torture everyone. From his father to his mother to Junaid to even Aairah, Hassan made sure that they get the message loud & clear that he is not letting anyone off the hook because he still feels insulted. Hassan knows that Junaid is someone who will never face him, that is why he continued pestering him. The good part was that Hassan’s assumptions were put to rest when Aairah spoke up because he thought she’d surrender like everyone else but Aairah told him that she is not going to take anything from him as firstly, she is not guilty & secondly, she is too strong to let anyone walk all over her!

Abeer continued to plead & beg in front of Hassan, which again was an ego boost for him. It is surprising that the same Abeer who does so well for herself in her professional life & who stood up to her step father as she could very well decipher his intentions, chooses to be blind when it comes to Hassan & his mistakes. Abeer is a depiction of such people who go to any extreme to prove their love because they are too afraid of being left alone. Since Abeer knows that she can’t be with her mother because of her step father, she allows Hassan to mistreat her as it still makes her feel secured. Even though Abeer has a few reasonable & valid demands like being known to his family as his wife & being with them, she suppresses it only due to her fear of driving Hassan away from herself. It was quite interesting to see a different kind of Abeer when she came across her step father, it showed that she can speak for herself that is why it is hard to accept that she lets Hassan treat her like a doormat!

Raheel chose to interfere in Abeer’s life because he actually assumed he was saving her from some guy who was trying to hurt her but then he was shocked when he found out that Abeer was married to Hassan. Raheel loves Abeer but now that he knows about her marital status, he will definitely draw a line but I do feel he will continue with his support as he can already see that Abeer is being exploited because the first interaction that he had with Hassan told Raheel a great deal about him!

I feel Hassan’s parents’ are the reason why he is like that & they have played a major role in making him so stubborn because they allowed & still allow him to walk over them & everyone. Even now when Hassan left the house after he had a spat with Aairah, his parents were worried for him? No one dares to confront him or boycott him because of which Hassan feels he can have his way every single time!

Hassan very well knows that he is Abeer’s weakness, that is why he exploits her to the max. Abeer also is at fault to have made Hasaan feel that she is nothing without him & has no self-worth.

Overall, it was a decent episode but the fact that Abeer will seek Aairah’s help in the upcoming episode definitely gave me a reason to tune to it. However, the focus on Junaid & Aairah’s divorce is off putting, like to see it coming from the father was shocking because he got them married for face saving so how won’t their divorce take away his izzat from him, for which he got them married in the first place? I must say Yasir Nawaz extracted some real acting out of all these actors but I think out of sheer courtesy he chose not to direct the senior actors, that is why their acting seems off & forced. I wish the dialogues were a bit better worded because most of the times they sound too unreal & even the actors seemed to be struggling to deliver them. Amina Sheikh, Mansha Pasha & Sami Khan have outdone themselves & Syed Jibran has been successful in evoking sympathy for Junaid’s character. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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