Khudgarz Episode 7 & 8 Review – Amazing!

Ohkay so, it was yet another amazing episode of Khudgarz but just when I was feeling happy by the end of it, the preview of the next episode took that away from me because looks like one of the strongest character is going to hit the rock bottom. I so didn’t see it coming & I actually hope it isn’t what I am thinking it is. Other than that, Khudgarz continues to impress me & I must say Yasir Nawaz is one fine director!

It was beautiful that just when Aairah was trying to bring Abeer to life, Abeer was helping Aairah in one way or the other too. Abeer happened to be the first person in front of whom Aairah gave words to her feelings for Junaid. Aairah actually fell in love with Junaid but still hesitated because she felt that he was still stuck in the past & wasn’t ready to move on.

Abeer not only got her confidence back but realized that she deserved so much better. All the conversations that Aairah & Abeer had with meaningful & interesting. Abeer didn’t even realize until she heard it from Aairah that she speaks about Raheel with a very positive & appreciative tone which then made her realize that Raheel has had an impact on her that she was unaware of.

The way Abeer got to know about Raheel’s feelings was very sweet. She spotted her picture in his wallet & then realized what she means to him. Raheel was there for Abeer every step of the way & without saying anything, he still made sure that Abeer knew that she had his back. Abeer not only said sorry but the way her body language changed in front of Raheel went to show that she was conscious of his feelings & kind of acknowledged them too. The confession scene of Raheel & Abeer was very sweet. Abeer finally understood that she was not only better off without Hassan, she also deserved someone who loved her & accepted her for who she was. Raheel got to tell Abeer how much he loved her & the way he worded his feelings by telling her what he thought of her was beautiful too! The way Raheel protected Abeer was so nice, I felt happy for Abeer that she finally found someone who would do the heavylifting as she was done fighting with so many demons that she now deserved a break & was getting one as Raheel was there for her!

Hassan is actually a weak man who thinks he is strong because people around him stayed silent & tolerated his atrocities. One thing worth noticing was that Hassan walked away everytime someone looked into his eyes & chose not to get intimidated by him, at that moment it got a bit too obvious that Hassan was a coward who couldn’t fight those who stood up to him. Abeer filed for divorce & Hassan couldn’t take it but then again, he decided to part ways as he realized that Abeer wouldn’t let him walk all over her anymore. It was like Hassan got to know that Abeer was of no use to him because she also garnered the courage to stand up to him & that was something that he couldn’t tolerate! Hassan’s fear of the police & flashbacks of him assaulting Abeer showed that he only knew how to stuff things up but had no courage to own the wrong that he does.

Junaid fell in love with Aairah & decided to confess his feelings on her birthday. Even though Junaid is submissive but he fell in love with Aairah because of her & not because he had to fulfill his committment. After spending time with her & getting to know Aairah better, Junaid realized that she was a perfect partner for him. Aairah who on her own fell in love with Junaid felt at ease after hearing from him that he was ready to move on & that’s when she decided to reciprocate his feelings too. I love how both Aairah & Junaid are so honest with each other, like Junaid clearly told her that he might miss Rabeea someday as it won’t be possible for him to completely forget her but he came to terms with his fate & Aairah also understood him. The way both Aairah & Junaid are dealing with this relationship like two mature adults is not only interesting but quite refreshing too.

Junaid knew that hell would break lose if Hassan’s parents will find out about his marriage with Abeer, that’s why he told Aairah to keep that secret to herself. It was good that Aairah chose to respect what Junaid said because she knew things would get out of hands if the family will find about it & it would further put pressures on Abeer which would serve no purpose whatsoever. Aairah was happy to know that a toxic man like Hassan was out of Abeer’s life but sadly, she has no idea that he’s going to create a havoc in her life.

Overall, this episode of Khudgarz was quite interesting & engaging. I love the conversations that happen between the characters as they are so meaningful, sweet & refreshing. I loved seeing a healthy marital relation between Junaid & Aairah, since this normalcy is thrown out of the window in most of our dramas. Mansha Pasha took the crown in this episode with her phenomenal acting & I must say Salman Saeed was quite impressive as well. The chemistry between both the couples is subtle but very strong which is amazing to see. Syed Jibran, Amina Sheikh & Sami Khan are equally impressive as well & the direction of this drama is flawless. Definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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