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Kisay Chahoon – Episodes 15 & 16

Right. I thought that the story was moving forward in episode 15 but the following episode was just the same old Hamza-Mareena track ending on an even crazier note.

As we saw in the previous episode, Maryam moves in with Mehru and Ameer. It was sweet how Ameer welcomes her and also stands upto her father later when he says Ameer should ask her to leave and he says he would do no such thing. I wonder where Maryam moving into their home will lead them. She is always telling Mehru that she should realize what a good man Ameer is and accept her marriage and give it her all but (and I blame all those ‘sister –snatching- sister’s husband/boyfriend/lurrrve’ dramas for this thought) I also wonder whether she might do an about turn and fall for Ameer herself. She keeps telling Mehru that she can see in her eyes that she is not over Hamza and even though Mehru says she is, even we can see she is not convincing enough.

As the promo last week had suggested, Mareena loses her baby. My suspicions were obviously aroused when she did not seem particularly upset over the loss and Hamza chancing upon the tablets confirmed it. I thought Mareena had serious issues taking any medicine and was unable to take tablets and only ever had ‘syrups’? Hamza’s confrontation scene with Mareena was as chaotic and crazy as all communication between them is. I know Mareena was out of line but the way Hamza yells and shakes her like a rag doll is a bit disconcerting.


I would not dwell on Mareena-Hamza for long but it seemed that most of these two episodes were focused on them. It did make me wonder how does a person become a ‘Mareena?’ She is never seen out with friends, never chatting on the phone, never actually doing anything at home. Her psychotic behaviour normally irritates me but today I thought how sad is it that she is this way. Her father believes she should never be hurt or disappointed and be given whatever she desires and that has really messed up her way of thinking. My benevolent feelings towards her however were abruptly abandoned though when Hamza uttered the same thoughts to her father. Me –and Hamza? See eye to eye? A very unsettling thought that is.

So just as I thought things were getting better between Ameer and Mehru, Hamza with his 45 degree hooked head shows up leaving Mehru flustered. I was soooooo enjoying the sweet ‘ring’ scene between Ameer and Mehru. I sat there with a goofy grin on my face, prompting my kids to poke their little faces into my laptop to see what was making me smile like that! Ameer looked horrendous and yet sweet in that awful outfit and I loved how Mehru did not ridicule him and tactfully told him he looked better in his ‘older’ style. I felt like a puppy sitting wagging its tail looking from Mehru to Ameer and back to Mehru but then Hamza had to show up. Grrr!

Turns out Hamza had come to pay back the money Ameer had given him through Mehru earlier. I have to say Mehru’s reaction left me confused and her conversation with Maryam after that also did not help shed any light. What was with all this softening towards Ameer? Chatting and laughing with him and Maryam? I honestly thought she was beginning to like him just a bit but her reaction to Hamza and her conversation with Maryam did not convince me either that she has, if not fallen in love with Ameer, but at least moved on.

Tutuuuuuu!!! I know, it could be really such a lame joke but the way Ali Abbas acted out the scene he had me laughing too. And they were talking about fashion and when he said tutu I thought of tutu skirts!! Speaking of fashion, I am no fashionista but what is with Mareena’s clogs? Did not they go out of style years ago? I have rarely seen anyone wear them now. And oh, this one I saved for the last – Hamza’s out of this world dressing. Mehru and Maryam and now Ameer all believe he has the most amazing dress sense. I will not waste my breath on this one – except remind you of that purple shirt that matched his bedsheet!


Anyways, Hamza is back to living with his mother and insists to her and Mareena’s father that he is doing all this just to ‘teach Mareena a lesson’. Seriously, his obsession to teach Mareena and reform her makes me think he has taken his tutor role a bit too much to heart! I did for a second wonder if Mareena maybe has a multiple personality disorder because of the way her head flicked to one side and her face took on an even more psychotic look when she demands to see his phone. Uffff!

I know we are rooting for a Mehru-Ameer ending and I am too but more so for Ameer’s sake than Mehru’s. I found myself disliking her when she married Ameer but only so that she could move out of her father’s house and runs to Hamza on his wedding day. I chose to forget that when I saw her making an effort to settle in. I found it in myself to forgive her (just about) for not falling in love with Ameer, but the scene where she tells Hamza she will not meet him (very unconvincingly) and then promo for next week shows she does  – I am not sure how I feel about her anymore. True, Hamza had been selfish and deserted her when she needed his help and support but she chose to marry Ameer and then now all this dilly dallying and frolicking to Hamza does not sit very well with me but I am waiting to see how all this fares out.

Oh yes, one small thing I forgot to mention. Mareena slits her wrists. Yeah I know, I was not shocked either. And it seems like she will survive the suicide attempt. Bring on the madness! Sorry, bring on more madness!

I am waiting to see where things go from here. Are Hamza and Mehru going to end up together? Uff, I hope Ameer ji will not become the sacrificial cow ji! Neither do I want to see Maryam end up with Ameer because I was truly liking how he treats her like a little sister and their scenes together. What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid