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Kisay Chahoon – Episodes 21 & 22

Aaaaaaaaaaand she’s back!! Mareena with her super bright gleaming eyes, menacing smile makes her appearance at the very end of the episode. Seems like she was able to ‘dodge’ the American doctors after all huh?

Ameer returns home along with his mother only to find Hamza dropping Mehru home. I really wish this guy would grow a backbone now for this timid nature has gone on for far too long. That – was my initial thought. But then Mehru reminded me of the ‘understanding’ she and Ameer have when she tells Hamza that she is only with him temporarily. So I remember the conversation she had with him at the dinner table when she said she only needed to be with him until she was able to financially support herself.

But Mehru confuses me. She is ‘nice’ to Ameer, cooks for him, worries when he is late. She tells him he is a good person but she can never give him the love or the respect he deserves. So what is this all really now? Ameer and Mehru waiting for Mehru to become financially independent and then leave? And Ameer secretly hoping she may fall in love with him before that? Although it is nice not to have to sit through Mehru yelling and treating Ameer with disdain, but this whole scenario does not seem to work either. I wish now truly that something would happen for this state of affairs has been dragged on enough. I know Ameer seems resigned to the state of his marriage – but I am getting annoyed now!


Ameer’s mother instantly sensed all was not well between Mehru and Ameer. She did mean well when she mentions the doctor issue and I get that the mum in laws in our dramas and even in real life to an extent start getting impatient about ‘khush khabri’ but it is the way it is talked about which is disturbing as if it were some sort of accusation on the woman, even in the most normal of circumstances. And ‘yahaan tau issue he alag hai!’

Mehru is not very convincing with her ping pong game of running to Hamza for help at the drop of a hat and then being outraged at anyone suggesting she has questionable feelings for him. If she really does not feel anything for him and knowing the history between them would it not be the most sensible and rational thing to do to quit her job there and not contact him? True, tongues do wag but in this case, she is not justified in giving them a reason to wag in the first place! Either be with Ameer or be with Hamza!

I say that in each review now so I sound like a broken record. Which is why I hope things are shaken up a bit in the next episode. Mehru was totally out of line sharing her marital life details with Hamza no matter how agitated she was and the web Hamza oh so innocently seems to be spinning, telling Mehru that Ameer is too good for the likes of them and it would be the right and kind thing to leave him is shrewd on his part.

This drama was nice to watch with Ameer’s comical role and I liked the direction and acting of the lead characters. Even the supporting characters like Maryam, Mehru’s parents and Ameer’s mother performed really well. But the story seems to be dragging now.I want to see the story move on and although the next episode preview shows Mareena had Hamza watched while she was away it still does not seem that much will come out of that confrontation. Ameer, Mehru and Hamza all seem to be martyrs and Mareena the evil Joker (Batman wala Joker). Do us a favour Mehru and please decide keh ‘kisay chahoon’ and do something about it asap!


How do you feel about the way the story is progressing? Would love to hear your thoughts on these episodes!

Kunwal Javid

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