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Kisay Chahoon – Okay ji, Bye Bye jii!!

Well, well, well. All’s well that ends well. Ameer ko mil gayee Mehru and Hamza ko mil gayee Mareena – no, let me rephrase that. Mareena ko mil gaya Hamza. The past few episodes had me wanting to see this drama end and not be dragged out unnecessarily so I was relieved to learn the last episode would air on Thursday. Armed with that knowledge though when I sat to watch both episodes, I was reminded why I liked this drama in the first place and except for a few yawn Mareena-Dad-Hamza moments I did quite like the last episode.

Can I also please take credit for having guessed that Maryam was putting on an act? Up until these episodes I really liked Maryam’s character and she seemed so sensible so this sudden desire to marry Ameer knowing he loved Mehru was really odd and awkward. However, her expressions at times suggested she really was happy to marry Ameer so I was slightly confused. Slightly.

Mehru’s pained expressions, tears hovering at the brink of her eyes all made it quite obvious how she was feeling. But then her mother rightly said when her phuppo pointed out that Mehru looked worried keh agar woh pareshan hoti tau yeh naubat he na aati. Even though it was obvious she wants to be with Ameer I do wish we were shown a scene where she realizes that she can not ‘live’ without him as she says to him in the final scene. I know there were thoughts running through her mind when she signed the divorce papers but I don’t know, I wanted a bit more.

Mareena. She finally goes to see a psychiatrist who starts dishing out advice to her and I sat listening with an open albeit wary mind and thought okay not bad when he says to her that she should learn to control her anger. And then he throws in the trump card – have a baby! Professional psychiatrist hain yeh ya phir koi saas?! I am not sure what our drama writers think psychiatrists really are and what research goes into their ‘diagnoses’ and conversations when these dramas are penned. The psychiatrists in a few recent dramas such as Sangat, Unsunni and now this one failed to impress me.

Anyways, Mareena finally admits defeat but not before a final confrontation with Mehru. The scene between Mehru and Mareena was so awkward – poor Mareena truly did look psychotic. Meow! Mehru manages to convince Hamza that Mareena really does love him and he ‘forgives’ Mareena although I snorted out loud when he says to her please do not change the way you love me and aisay he pyar karti rehna. I thought okay, bring out the guns. Literally!


Hamza’s return to Mareena seemed much less believable than Mehru and Ameer’s reunion. But nothing really makes sense about Hamza and Mareena so I suppose this was a fitting end to their story. Finit. The look of incredulity on Ameer’s face was spot on when Mehru asks him not to leave her but Soniya Hussain’s brimming eyes and on the edge asthma were very distracting. I felt her scene was overly intense to the point that it did not seem genuine and although their scene together was sweet it did not have as much an impact on me as I thought it would. Or maybe I am being over critical.

I did find one thing a bit odd. Hamza and Mehru both do not declare they are in love with their spouses. Fair enough, Hamza was hell bent on marrying Mehru till the last minute. And Mehru does say she does not know how to live without Ameer anymore. But Hamza says to Mareena that he needs her to keep loving him the way she does and Mehru also says to Ameer that I do not know where I would ever find anyone who can love me as much as you do. Ameer and Mareena’s love seemed to draw both Hamza and Mehru back to their respective spouses – I suppose it would take time for them to fall in love themselves too.

Ali Abbas has been the star of this drama. Kisay Chahoon itself was a very ordinary story but it made for a pleasant watch especially the first 10 episodes or so with Ameer’s comic moments. But when Ameer became a heartbroken bechara, the drama began to lose its charm which is why I am glad that it was not dragged out further and ended leaving me with the feeling that it was a decent drama. Iqra Aziz and Noor Hasan seem to be paired in a lot of dramas and frankly I do not want to watch any other drama which has these two in it. Soniya Hussain is a good actress but like I have mentioned before – her crying puts me off. Firdous Jamal and Pari Hashmi fit really well into their roles too.

This is the first drama I have been reviewing from the first episode to the last yayy. I would like to thank all the readers who took time out to comment and appreciate my reviews and shared their thoughts here. One thing is for sure – I will definitely not miss Ameer’s white kurta (how many did he have anyway?!) nor Mareena’s white clogs (I think it was the same pair throughout!!).

How many of you liked how the drama ended? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

P.S. Any ideas which drama is replacing this one?

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