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Tum Yaad Aye – Episodes 13 & 14

I think I might be on to something here. Seriously. A career in psychiatry. If the psychiatrists and diagnoses in our dramas are anything to go by – I think I may do a better job than most of the ‘top’ psychiatrists in the city! Unsunni, Sangat, Kisay Chahoon and now Tum Yaad Aye. Zainy is getting therapy done and apparently she is depressed! Depressed, ha! Spoilt and ‘na shukri’ as Mamoo correctly puts it is what she is! Ab apni diagnosis ka bill kis ko bhaijoon?!

Anyways, my career can wait a while. Back to Zainy & Co. Mehtaab shaken by Zainy’s suicide attempt vows to give Zainy whatever she wants – in this case, Ahmer. She goes to her old house and speaks to Tayyi who very clearly tells her that she and Ahmer have no such intentions of taking Zainy into their fold. Poor Mehtaab, it was clearly very difficult for her to go back to that house and additionally to ask for the rishta of her own daughter but she felt she needed to do that for Zainy’s sake. However, she does not share with Zainy what really transpired at Ahmer’s house. I thought we may finally learn Mehtaab’s ‘story’ but all we get to know is that the house in which Ahmer lives is really Zainy’s biological father’s house.

Zainy seems to think all is well with her and Ahmer but is given a rude awakening when she sees him and Beena on tv. Her screaming on the phone was cringe worthy but I am fast learning it was definitely in line with her character. Okay, I may understand feeling cheated in love and upset but why lash out at her mother now? Especially since they have given in and given their blessings for this match, grudgingly but given nonetheless. Ab Ahmer is a fellow brat like Zainy then how are Mehtaab, abba and Sherry to blame?!

Sherry’s comment to Zainy about her being like a bander hanging out the car window made me laugh. That scene was very odd I thought and I noticed the same again when Zainy is coming back from her phuppo’s house. The impression is given of a moving car but it seems more like a boat sailing and the background playing separately especially as there was that moment when Sherry was driving and a lorry was coming at him from the window and he swerved the wheel directly in the direction of the lorry which would definitely have resulted in a crash! No, I do not normally notice such minute details but the whole effect was so poor that having established Zainy as a bander hanging out the window my attention was then diverted to the background instead and that was when I noticed the lorry.


Now that Zainy knows what Ahmer really is, he can not care less and does not put up any show. Zainy is wallowing away in self pity, correction depression and I wondered at the whole typing scenario Abba put Zainy up to. However, when he catches her trying to pop pills again I really liked his conversation with her. I liked how he explained to her that things happen in life and he felt he has raised her to be a strong individual. Now that is a separate debate whether he really had raised her that way for he and Sherry had pampered her a lot and kept her quite hidden from the outside world. That does not clear Zainy of the blame of being immature and ungrateful though. I do not get this constant ‘why is everyone so bad to me’ whine. She even said it to Abba in that conversation. He tries to make her see there is more to life than letting one event drown you and encourages her to focus her thoughts and energy elsewhere and she takes on running and sports.

Which lands her at Ahmer’s house with that racket. That whole scene was a little overly dramatic but I still thought alright at least she has perked up and will hopefully begin to rid herself of Ahmer and any feelings she has for him. Alas. Zainy walks out triumphant with the house documents (which we later learn Mehtaab returns – what a fuss over nothing!). When Ahmer runs after her and she spits out how she hates him I thought how unconvincing she sounded but I suppose that is what we were meant to feel for even Ahmer says to her that he can still see she loves him.


So Zainy knows Sherry loves her. And brat that she is, she made a spectacle of him by using him to make Ahmer jealous. How does this girl’s mind work? I thought after the eye opening conversation with Abba and the racket scene she was ready to move ahead. But she has sunk to ‘I will show him I can get married first’ and dragging Sherry into the whole mess. I like how Sherry tells her off and puts her in her place at times but maybe they all need a much more firm hand with her. Pyar, reasoning, everything seems to fail with this girl! I really felt for her parents and Sherry because they really are trying to help her out in every way they can but to no avail. I even gasped when Mehtaab grabbed her arm and glared at her when she discovered the pills. Behind the ‘aap baitay’ , seems like even Mehtaab is beginning to lose patience now.

Zainy agrees to get married but on the condition that is engaged next week. It is quite obvious that she wants the engagement so that Ahmer can know she is engaged. Is she thinking that will make him want to come back to her? Phuppo and Mina apparently are not evil as I thought they may be. They were however aware of Ahmer’s nature and Beena’s existence and although Mina did warn Ahmer to stay away from Zainy, how much could they really do?

Next week’s preview shows Ahmer back in Zainy’s life. Is it just me or does anyone else think that he may try to get close to Zainy to get back at her for that racket she smacked on his face – or have I been watching too many dramas? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid