Koi Chand Rakh Episode 17 Story Review – Communication Gap

Opening Thoughts – Communication Gap:

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh took the story forward but I am totally bored of the way Rabail is being treated & also how there is so much communication gap between the characters. It is like they wait for the director to say ‘cut’ before they say what needs to be said. Talk about dragging a situation like a chewing gum!

Rabail – The Ultimate Villain:

Zain, Gulshan, Nafeesa, Sobi, Nishal…everyone hates Rabail & as much as they all look mean doing so, Rabail also looks foolish to not say a word or do something to fix the matter. After Zain misunderstood Rabail & blamed her for ruining Sobi’s life, it was Rabail’s duty to tell the truth to Zain but she was casually chilling in the hospital. To be honest the way things are ridiculously one-sided & one-dimensional in Koi Chand Rakh, it makes very hard to take this drama seriously as well as feel anything for Rabail because it is like the punch line of this drama that no matter what happens, Rabail is the culprit!

Zain was still dual minded but his encounter with Umair forced him to say yes to Nishal’s demand of getting married. Umair wanted to save Rabail but because Rabail didn’t have the courage to face all those who wronged her, she shed her frustrations on poor soul Umair. Umair wanted to help Rabail but seems like she doesn’t want to help herself. I guess everyone in this drama is suffering from “Don’t Let Anyone Complete Their Sentence Syndrome” & based on that, the writer is taking the story forward. While watching Umair chasing Rabail’s car like “Allah ke naam pe de de Rabi Jee”, all I could think of was that these guys exist in the Whatsapp era & if he was intelligent enough, all he had to do was send her a message saying Zain & Nishal are getting married, aur na chahtay hue bhi Rabi Jee wo message hair aur makeup ke lambay session ke baad parh hi letin!

Anyways, Zain & Nishal got married & Zia Bhai not only changed his grey coat but also changed his khaslat. Also, I am wondering Zia Bhai ko apne ex-to-be-salay yani Umair ka number kaisay mila? If Zia really wanted to help, he should have called Rabail directly but because hamare Zia Bhai hain hi itne genius, un se aur kya expect karte?

Closing Thoughts – Drama For The Sake of Drama:

The preview of the next episode promised some more over acting & some more makeup. Asad pointing a gun at Nishal seemed as real as a kid pointing his water gun at a stranger. Hona kuch hai nahi but chalo drama for the sake of drama hi sahi. The amount of lipstick used in this episode was too much & all the women as well as men are guilty as charged for this crime. I must say, Muneeb Butt has been very impressive in this drama & it looks like Imran Abbas has forgotten how to act in this particular project. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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