Khud Parast Episode 9 Story Review – So Far So Good

Opening Thoughts – Current Favorite:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast was again very interesting & nicely executed. I am glad that the dynamics have changed & the one who was being oppressed has started to retaliate. Khud Parast surely is one of my top favorite dramas to tune to currently because the characters have a strong personality & there is so much to see!

Uswa Is Back:

Uswa & Hanan had a conversation where Hanan wanted Uswa to apologize. He did understand his wife’s perspective too but wanted her to take the route that he knew would guarantee him as well as Uswa some peace of mind. Even though things have not been in her favor but it is nice to see that Uswa wants her marriage to work & she wants to lead a happy life with Hanan that is why she agreed to apologize to Bakhtawar only to make Hanan happy.

It is good that Uswa has started to use her brains but if she really wants to succeed, she should distance herself from her mother because everything that woman says makes no sense whatsoever. Uswa’s mother thinks she knows what Uswa should do but the fact is that she does not know how things actually work in Bakhtawar’s house. Even though Uswa has told so much to her mother but she has not had a personal experience of what things are like in that household to be passing remarks on it or giving advice to Uswa. Bakhtawar has so much control over everything & she is pretty egoistic so for Uswa’s mother to assume that a woman like Bakhtawar would come to take Uswa back on one of her tantrums was quite immature of her!

Uswa’s brother Saad did play a part in making sure that Uswa goes back because obviously he wants his business to work & Moeez’s investment would guarantee that. Uswa did go back but this time with a plan in her mind which was interesting to see. Uswa has understood that Bakhtawar controls the minds of her sons & that is why, she has started to play mind games too. Uswa knows that Hanan is a good human being who trusts what is said to him without analyzing situation himself so she decided to take advantage of that.

Uswa, of all the people, should leave Beenish alone. Yes, she does not agree to Beenish’s approach in leading her life which is alright but the least she can do is taunt or belittle her because Beenish has clearly told her about her situation which is unfavorable. Uswa is still lucky that Hanan is not like Moeez so the least she can do is show some consideration to Beenish & support her emotionally.

Well, the way Uswa made Bakhtawar awkward in front of her guests was interesting to see. Uswa knows that she is taking a risk but now that she has a set plan in her mind, she is executing it brilliantly. She cried buckets in front of Hanan as she has seen that there is some edge to do that & it definitely worked. Hanan forgot about all that Bakhtawar said & focused on what Uswa was put through.

Closing Thoughts – Keeps Getting Better:

Overall, this episode of Khud Parast was very nicely done. It just keeps on getting better & better. The preview of the next episode showed the change in Hanan’s attitude. Bakhtawar now has a competition in her house & it will be interesting to see how she will react. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khud Parast.

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