Koi Chand Rakh Episode 2 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh took the story forward but was strictly alright. I think the predictability of the plot & the entire story is making it harder for me to be too emotionally invested in this drama. Even though this drama has big names associated with it & they are definitely drawing the viewers’ attention to it, the overall treatment that has been given to it makes it a bit lacklustre.

Zain follows Nishal who he thinks is Rabail only to find out where she lives & he gets to know that she is a daughter of Asad Niazi. Ibrar scores himself a win when he talks to Zain about Rabail introducing him as Asad Niazi’s relative & that’s when Zain thinks the universe is in his favor. It was interesting to see that Zain’s mother seemed a bit suspicious over Zain’s sudden submissiveness because she knows her son too well to him being perfectly fine with this change in his overall attitude especially in the matters concerning his marriage.

Ibrar’s wife visits Rabail & finds her to be a very traditional & simple sort of a person who is completely different to the kind of girl Zain has an image of in his mind. Zain does tell his mother again & again that he is perfectly fine with this marriage & she can’t seem to wrap her head around it.

Rabail on her own faces issues because of Umair who happens to create problems for her. Even though Nishal & her mother Nafeesa love Rabail a lot but they do make a point that Rabail was always going to be an outsider despite being an ideal girl that she is. Nafeesa feels threatened because she fears losing Umair because of Rabail & Nishal gives words to how she felt about competing with this perfect image of Rabail her entire life. Rabail does see that her presence is causing issues in Asad’s family, that happens to be reason why she quietly accepts Zain’s proposal.

Umair is unable to accept that Rabail has rejected him because he just can not take no for an answer & he feels frustrated as he is unable to make Rabail understand that they can share a relationship deeper & closer than that of siblings. It is obvious that the more Umair will try to persuade her, Rabail will try to find a way out of his life.

Overall, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh was strictly alright. I feel this is the sort of a drama that one can tune to if they either want to see their favourite stars or their acting because the story is quite flawed as in an era of Facebook & Whatsapp I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that Rabail & Zain will get married on the basis of a misunderstanding that too based on Rabail’s name? I totally see Zain & his friends as stalkers, which they clearly proved by following Nishal to her home, so it is quite unrealistic that they didn’t bother finding out more details about her especially in such a situation where their marriage is on the cards! Anyways, talking about acting, Ayeza Khan has gotten a chance to perform so far but not Imran Abbas, which I am sure he will once Zain’s character will come to the forefront completely. I don’t want to say this in such an early stage of the drama but so far it hasn’t truly impressed me & I completely blame the predictability of the plot. I also don’t see the characters having much depth in them, so far they all seem very typical, seen-before kind & I am not too sure how I feel about them all. I hope the performances of all these actors & some twists & turns make this drama worthwhile but so far, I feel it has had a very average start. Please share your thoughts!

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