Visaal Episode 18 Review – The Confession!

Ohkay so, things have become quite intense & interesting at this stage of the drama & by the end of every episode, I find myself looking forward to the next one. This drama sure is a piece of intelligent writing because I absolutely love how layered the characters are & how the overall story is developing!

Naheed finally confessed, she had to because Akram just didn’t leave any other choice for her than to finally bring herself to admit what she did. Naheed knew that Akram found out about everything & she couldn’t fool him further. Despite knowing Akram’s reality & his unreasonable demand of wanting to get married to Pari, I still didn’t see him in as much of a bad light as I saw Naheed. Yes, she feels guilty, yes, she has not been at peace ever since she saw Pari’s life getting destroyed but still, a few tears here & there & few anger pangs wanting to protect Pari from getting married too soon is not enough of a compensation or rather redemption to be honest. I totally think this was the right time for Naheed to say whatever she had in her heart to Pari & confess in front of her, but she proved that she still loves herself a bit more to do that by putting Pari ahead of her!

I thought Naheed will know that she has nothing to lose & because of that she will tell Pari everything but she once again tried playing the victim card in front of Pari by making Akram look like a villain in this entire situation. Yes, I will definitely give it to Naheed that she genuinely feels remorseful over what she has done but then in stead of saving Pari, she made herself look like a victim who needed help. Akram didn’t pay heed to Naheed’s pleading & he didn’t want to either because for him, Naheed is responsible for everything that Pari has gone through & that’s about it. I loved the entire conversation that happened between Naheed & Akram & how he worded his feelings & insight over this entire matter. He knows what he wants & he is open about it. I must say, because the writer introduced him in such a manner, I have grown to have an acceptance for a character like Akram & despite wanting everyone to know about his reality, I want things to work for him so that he can stop living a life of lies.

I feel Visaal has become one of my favourite works of Hashim Nadeem & it is all because of the way he has written the characters of Akram, Naheed & Molvi Ghufran. I must say, this has to be one such drama where the female lead had zero personality & still it does not effect or impact the overall experience of this story because the male lead as well as the supporting characters have such strong roles to play & have so much to offer. Even the characters like Doodh Patti, Khala, Jumman Bua, Tariq, they all in their own way contribute so much to the drama & make it a complete package & not to be missed, an added bonus of amazing acting by every single one of them where they have owned these characters & breathed life into them. I simply love Visaal, what about you?

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