Koi Chand Rakh Episode 22 Story Review – Much Needed Progress

Opening Thoughts – Much Needed Change of Scenario:

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh changed the scenario with people turning in favor of Rabail which definitely was nice to see probably for the first time ever since the drama has begun. Even though the story of Koi Chand Rakh is nothing special but because I have invested quite a lot of time in it I feel like watching it right till the end.

Things Have Moved On:

Umair decided to bring his life back on track because he felt he had wasted a lot of time crying over his fate of not being able to be with Rabail. Rabail encouraged him too & his parents supported his decision. Nafeesa however continued to be annoying & it is too obvious that she still despises Rabail even after what Nishal has done with her.

Nishal can not stand anyone around Zain. She is obsessed & possessive about him to an extent of being paranoid that is why she slowly & steadily started talking to Zain against his mother & sister because she couldn’t tolerate the fact that he had any kind of emotional attachment to them. Nishal wants Zain all to herself that is why she twisted the entire scenario to turn him against his own family too. Now that Rabail has Gulshan’s support, Nishal made sure to use it against her mother in law as well to further prove her point to Zain that Gulshan was unhappy about his & Nishal’s marriage. Zain obviously loves & accepts Nishal the way she is that is why he just did not find anything wrong with her attitude & behaviour with anyone else.

Zia finally came to senses & wanted to rectify all that went wrong because of him. It was nice to see Rabail finally finding her own identity & not relying on Zain to complete or define her. Rabail has accepted the fact that her relationship with Zain has no meaning but still because she was still married to him, she continued to fulfill her duties as a daughter & sister in law which has finally earned her a place in Gulshan, Zia & Sobi’s hearts. Zain has created a life of his own with Nishal where there’s no space for anyone else but Rabail’s phone call did remind him that he had some other responsibilities towards his mother & sister too which made it obvious that he hadn’t forgottten about them but was just too busy pleasing Nishal!

Closing Thoughts – Poorly Written Scenarios & Characters:

The direction of Koi Chand Rakh continues to be bad & the actors’ can’t do much when the dialogues & the situations are poorly written too. When Zain came to the house all flustered & hesitant, Sobi uttered to Gulshan that Zain Bhai looked so happy? I mean either the characters in Koi Chand Rakh are blind or they are deliberately trying to insult the intelligence of the viewers. Also, a random thought that I feel like sharing, when Nishal called Zain & asked “kya kar rahay ho”, I literally thought the next thing she’s going to say is “ao mil ke makeup shopping karne jatay hain” because they both looked so pink & rosy & made-up in that scene, lol! Imran Abbas’s expressions when he tried to stop Nishal from misbehaving with Gulshan were so awkward. It seems Imran Abbas has forgotten how to act especially in this drama. Plus every single time he is standing or walking, he has clenched fists which makes it look like he is uneasy or something. Though this was Imran Abbas’s negative character after a long time, I had high expectations from him but I wish after the ‘success’ of Koi Chand Rakh he gives a serious thought to what kind of dramas he wants to do next. Anyways, I will say though that I didn’t have a hard time watching this episode because there was not much rona dhona that we have been seeing in all the previous episodes continuously. I am relieved that things have finally started to move on which means we’re headed to the end of this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Koi Chand Rakh.

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