Koi Chand Rakh Episode 5 Review – Intense!

Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh belonged to Muneeb Butt. He definitely deserves a round of applause for such a phenomenal acting. Muneeb Butt has given Umair’s character his all & that is why every single emotion was coming through. While watching this episode I kept on looking forward to Muneeb Butt’s scenes because I couldn’t wait to find out what Umair’s reaction is going to be. It shows that when an actor owns the character, this is how his performance touches the hearts of viewers.

Rabail made it very clear to Nishaal that she was only getting married to Zain because she wanted to go out of Umair’s life. Nishaal tried to convince Rabail & she thought she will be able to bring Rabail to call it quits but she was mistaken. Rabail is not a quitter, also, she is someone who has never had a say in anything related to her life that is why she was not keen on choosing her life partner too. Rabail knows that her uncle & his entire family has done so many favours to her, so she is in no position to go against their wishes. While watching that scene, all I could think of was how superior Rabail was & how petty Nishaal was who only for her selfish reasons was trying to use Rabail. If Nishaal realized that Zain was not going to do anything for her, she should have taken a stand for the sake of her love for him but she continued to invest her time in manipulating people rather than approaching the matter directly because that would’ve yielded some results but that did not happen! Nishal claimed that she fell in love with Zain hard but then she didn’t do anything for him either because even if Zain was bound by the commitment he made to his father, Nishaal was free to present the truth in front of everyone. It is like Nishaal wanted a piece of cake without doing anything for it, well glad she couldn’t have things her way & continued to sulk in the corner with a face full of makeup!

Well, Umair came to Karachi & found out about what Rabail did & that’s when the episode became super interesting for me. Umair’s outburst was realistic & justified because he couldn’t actually believe what he had just seen. The same Rabail who he had trusted all his life was the one shattering it for the rest of it. Umair didn’t even think what his father’s reaction would be that is why he just confessed in front of him too that he loved Rabail with all his heart. Obviously Umair’s father could not even believe what he had just heard because for him Rabail was like a sister to both Umair & Nishaal. It is unfortunate that Nafeesa continues to hold Rabail responsible for whatever is happening -somehow this typical Mami vibe does not go with the actress playing the role of Nafeesa because she is too cool & elegant for it. I laughed when Nishaal supported her mother’s claims, lol, I mean a guy just dumped you because of your pathetic mistake & even bigger ego & there you are holding Rabail responsible for everything, lol – sulk girl sulk!

Well the ending note of this episode was nothing special, it just covered the mental state of both Zain & Rabail where they were just heart broken for different reasons. Zain felt trapped & helpless & Rabail felt burdened thinking about Umair. Rabail thinks she’ll be freed from the love of Umair that made her feel caged but it is unfortunate that she will be walking in another cage where finding a way out won’t be an option. Let’s see!

All the actors definitely are doing a great job but Muneeb Butt stole the show. Really looking forward to the remaining journey of Umair & how he will pick up the pieces. The drama surely has kick-started, let’s hope it doesn’t slow down too much & lose the pace completely. The only thing I found odd was how after receiving a call about best friend’s father’s death, Umair completely forgot about it & saw it as an opportunity to meet Rabail & was too excited & happy about it, because in reality, no one forgets about someone’s death in a couple of seconds – just my observation! Please share your thoughts.

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