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Ohkay so, this episode of Koi Chand Rakh was alright. I felt that way because none of the scenarios shown in this episode were interesting. It was a basic sort of an episode elaborating different mind-sets of different characters!

Rabail is forced to bear the brunt of everything that is wrong in Niazi house. Just because Umair has fallen in love with Rabail, she is responsible even when she never once reciprocated his love. Just because Rabail has gotten married to Zain, Nishaal is again playing mind games with her, holding her responsible for getting ditched by Zain. Nafeesa knows that Rabail lied to Umair only to send him away, still she is blaming her & making it look like everything’s her fault. In the middle of this, at least Asad sympathized with Rabail & saw her for who she is but then, he is also getting pressurized from his wife & daughter who are using Umair to malign his heart against Rabail.

Nishal is shady. She blamed Rabail for everything wrong in front of her father but later when she immediately remembered that there was this guy named Zain who she fell in love with, she decided to sweet talk Rabail into getting divorced from him? It is funny as well as cringe-worthy to see a character like Nishal who has zero self-respect. At first she says she has this invisible queue of guys waiting for her but then, like a sore loser she is chasing after the guy who clearly dumped her & is focusing on his relation with his wife chalo usay jealous karne ke liye hi sahi! Nishal poses to be quite upfront & stuff but then, she is being manipulative right from the beginning to not look too despo, that she is after Zain, who is already married or was getting married to her cousin. If Nishal had gathered up the courage before, she wouldn’t have been in the need to play these dirty tricks!

Rabail & Zain had their 1st meeting & Zain found out that he & Rabail were poles apart. Zain went back from being ‘khandaan ki khushi ka muhafiz’ to ‘khandaan ke sir dard ka bais’. The way Zain spoke to his parents & then his sister made me think again that he was never really emotionally attached to his family so not sure why didn’t he take a stand for Nishal if he was so dying to be with her. It is unconvincing that a stubborn guy like Zain gave in & got married to Rabail just so easily! The dialogue ‘Nishal is pretty but Rabail is a doctor’ was another cringey thing in this episode. They should have hired some ordinary looking girl to play the role of Rabail if they actually wanted to highlight Nishal as this beauty queen because I as a viewer am not blind enough to not see that Ayeza is way prettier, like that’s a known fact, a done deal whereas Nishal…the less said the better. Also, it is so funny that while Rabail is somewhat approved by everyone else because she’s hmmm mehhh just a doctor, Nishal is drooled-over because she is PRETTTTAAAAYYYYYY…like really, what is being implied in this drama that being pretty is better than being a doctor? Someone’s beauty has an edge over someone else’s qualification? To kya hua aggar wo doctor hai, bahu to hamain lambi gori chahiye, is this the notion that is being promoted here? Seriously!

Well well well ‘Mai teri dushman, dushman tu mera, mai nagin tu sapaira’ conversation was the highlight of this episode for me because hilarious & I was in a laughter fit. I mean who in this day & age calls himself a sapaira & his lady love a nagin? Who speaks about playing been to hypnotize nagins with his looks? Tauba, I mean whoever came up with those dialogues deserves 21 topon ki salami, hmmm multiply that by 2 so make it 42 because you really need a whole new level of intelligence to come up with something like this. I wonder how many takes Imran Abbas must’ve given while delivering those funny dialogues, matlab hasi to ai hogi for sure!

Anyways, not that Nishal has any self-respect but she proved that her self-respect died dog wali maut when after Zain told her to go to hell, she was like aa rahay ho na dinner pe? Hmmm matlab thori si bhi self-respect nahi? The preview proved my point further, Nishal is curbing her self-respect to prove to Zain that he will be miserable without her but then I am waiting for that time when Zain will fall for Rabail & Nishal will realize that the joke was on her! LOL!

There were quite a few mistakes that I noticed, like Nishal calling Umair as Zain in the opening scene. Rabail & Zain left the house in daylight but when Rabail asks him in the car ‘hum kahan ja rahay hain’ tab tak raat ho chuki thi. Rabail didn’t get to change her clothes but Umair changed his city, chalo I will give it to him that Islamabad is 2 hours flight away from Karachi but still airport ana jana & stuff? Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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