Kuch Na Kaho Episodes 20-25 Review- (Un) Happily Married!

There is something about this drama – the treatment it has been given, the portrayal of people and characters whose stories actually seem relatable and yes the acting that keeps my interest engaged all the while the episode is playing. Conversations and moments where we are shown what a certain character is thinking also helps one understand what is going through everyone’s minds and although a few things seemed a bit out of place, on the whole I like how the story is moving forward and am interested to see what happens next week.

Sajal and Faraz’s showdown eventually managed her to snap out of her silly antics and rants and thankfully the two seem to have sorted out things between themselves. Aina’s and Mohsin’s reluctance to get married was totally understandable and I was surprised initially to see Aina give in easily. While I know most of us would love to have been able to see Aina stand up for herself and make a life for herself and Maaz, I do also appreciate that not every woman has the courage or the luck to make it happen. Probably the accusation Sajal hurled at Aina regarding Faraz was the last straw for her and although she has never been fond of Mohsin what Aina says later seemed to make sense for the way she said it made me think she believes what she is saying. Having been left in the lurch by the man she thought loved her, moments of weakness or desperation leading to her handing over her child to Sajal and now seeing how Nadia, who Aina had been fond of has left three children behind, she feels this is her place. She can not tag along with Faraz and Sajal forever, apparently has squashed the notion of making it on her own so Mohsin’s ‘name’ can give her the security she wants and looking after his three children can help cover the void to an extent that giving Maaz away has left. Her words, not mine.

Anyways, while Aina has wholeheartedly decided to make this marriage work, Mohsin has grown even more unbearable. I can not help but mention how refreshing it is to see a character like Aina who, if has made up her mind to see a marriage through, is giving it her best rather than resorting to tantrums. She seems to have let go of her past but I am also glad to see that although she has her moments where she is cowering in fear (a bit extreme in my opinion) she can not resist the flippant remarks that come naturally to her or the raised eyebrows at Mohsin’s comments. Even Mohsin is finding it hard to stomach this ‘agreeable’ Aina and knowing about Imran makes it harder for him to trust her.

Another thing I breathed a sigh of relief over was the treatment of ‘halala’. Hopefully this idea will not make an appearance later on for I would have spoken too soon but I was extremely glad to see how Aina balked at the idea and made it very clear to Imran that he was delusional to even think such a thing. This ‘halala’ issue has been done to death and when talks of Aina marrying Mohsin arose I thought this might come up but I am glad that Aina seems to think it absurd. Also, even though Ainnie was able to drive them apart, Aina has no false impressions of how Imran might be innocent for she despises him for being the weakling that he was and nothing can really change that fact. It made me laugh how even his own mother threw that in his face, about him being weak.

One thing that does bother me, and I have to keep reminding myself, is the fact that Mohsin still does not know that Aina married Imran and is also Maaz’s mother. When Aina had such a clear mind about everything else going into this marriage I would have hoped she would have told Mohsin the truth. I do not stomach the thought that she was so desperate that she let this all go although yes if Mohsin had known this then he would most likely have not married her for he already thinks less of her for having ‘liked’ Imran, let alone having secretly married, divorced and also given birth to a child!

Ainnie and Imran’s marriage and the ‘games’ Imran plays with her make no sense to me. I do not even find it convincing that this is the only gratification he feels, that he can make Ainnie suffer the way he has. I was happier to see less of both of them and although Ainnie seems to have had a moment of regret, she bounces back, teeth clenched and seems like nothing has changed there. Yawwn.

Mohsin is one hell of a ‘sari mirch’ – maybe a lal mirch since with the taunts there is also the ever present rage boiling over! Fine, we get he does not trust Aina yet but she seems sincere and also says as much to him so maybe not give her the ‘Nadia treatment’?! Even though I am glad to see Aina has not totally lost her spunk and although she was very outspoken and impulsive earlier, I would hate to see her become totally docile and a whimpering, agreeable wife to please Mohsin. Likewise would love to see Mohsin show a nicer side – the exasperated, indignant looks he gives with his lectures mirror the expression on MY face over his attitude!

Still waiting to see the twins back home. Also a little less of this khala that shows up to do nothing else but cause trouble! I wonder if Faraz and Sajal will leave with Maaz without Mohsin learning of the truth? Or will Aina be able to tell him herself?

Although Naveen and Emaad overdo the eye widening a bit and Aina’s cowering seems a bit OTT sometimes, but otherwise I find that Naveen has made Aina’s character very interesting and the drama very watchable. Mirza Zain has made Faraz such a likeable character and when he calls Aina ‘Aani’ and speaks to her it is almost as if he really is a ‘normal, concerned’ older brother. Yes the drama has its dramatic moments, such as the whole maid kidnapping scene and Mohsin appearing at the right instant and the incident serving as a catalyst to move the marriage along and Sajal’s moaning did do my head in but honestly I feel what is this drama’s USP is the fact that it portrays a story and characters that you feel may actually exist in real life. Along with the characters are their flaws and their moments of self reflection which is nicely done such as Imran being weak, Aina learning to move on, Sajal accepting she became overly bitter and so on. While Mohsin seems naturally to be the way he is, the moments where we see how he thinks that he wants to be close to Aina and say something else but ends up blurting the opposite or that he feels he may be betraying Nadia’s memory did not make me understand him totally but did make me feel generous enough to give him some time to get over things and become nicer. I do not know know why, maybe because it was different and finally not cliche but I loved how Aina replied to Mohsin’s ‘aurat ko bhataktay huay dair nahin lagti‘ comment!

Looking forward to seeing how things develop between Mohsin and Aina and how and when Aina’s past catches up with her. What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid