Kun Faya Kun Episode 4 Story Review – Nicely Executed

Opening Thoughts – Nicely Executed:

Ohkay so, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was nicely executed. The story of Kun Faya Kun is simple, it revolves around family politics but more so, it focuses on how ego ruins people’s lives & the relationships they should be holding close to their hearts. Even though they have relied on very common situations but they have only showed how greed, ego & selfishness deprives people of the basic courtesy that they should have towards others. While watching this episode, I did feel that for a drama titled a meaningful Kun Faya Kun, the situations are a little petty like a discussion on the mobile phone or so, but then as the episode ended, I did realize that by relying on such basic situations, the writer is giving out a bigger message, so full points for that.

Focus on Ego & Greed:

Hashir found out that Mashal gifted an expensive mobile phone to Areesha, at least this is what he heard from her & being the eldest cousin, he thought it was his right to question Mashal. Hashir believed Areesha’s version & overreacted but then later he did realize that he was not only harsh with Mashal, but also wrong in judging her. Hashir is the only one who is compassionate towards Mashal & he is selfless in dealing with her. Hashir sees Mashal emphatically, he knows that she has struggled all her life without her parents & even though the circumstances have never been in her favor, she has always walked on eggshells & has never done anything to give anyone a reason to doubt her. Mashal’s reaction didn’t let Hashir be at peace that is why he decided to talk to Appa Jee. This entire scenario showed how Hashir had nothing but niceness in his heart. Hashir is someone who does not believe in hurting others & even if he does, he has no ego that will stop him from apologizing. It was nice to see this side of Hashir but I wonder how did such a nice guy like him fall for a girl like Bisma who is his polar opposite?

I loved that Areesha was not only exposed but both Appa Jee & Hashir took her case. My favorite scene of this entire episode was the confrontation between Appa Jee & Areesha. I love that Appa Jee is sweet but when it comes to taking a stand for Mashal, she does not hold back. Appa Jee knew what Mashal went through after Areesha told lies about her, that is why she had to tell Areesha to stay away from Mashal & not target her with her manipulation. Appa Jee couldn’t believe that Areesha was trying to trap Armaan, Areesha’s mannerisms were enough to paint the entire picture in front of Appa Jee. That entire scene where Appa Jee was standing in a state of shock, looking at Areesha was so amusing. She didn’t want to judge her but then she could totally see what she was upto & how she was putting an act of being this nicest girl for Armaan!

Well, Shama & Faseeha were still not on talking terms & Shama made sure to insult Faseeha yet again. It was amusing how Shama conducted this Milad at her place, but still she didn’t find it in her heart to let go of the grudges that she had against her husband’s family. How often do people do that, they put up an act of piousness to fool others but only those who interact with such people on a regular basis know their truth & reality in & out. Shama thinks she has everything in control but she has no idea that her obedient son is soon going to shake her ground. Armaan has pretty much fallen in love with Mashal & he was disappointed that the phone was returned to him which meant he couldn’t talk to Mashal on a personal level. This entire situation is going to be quite interesting because Mashal has never been treated with respect, it was evident with the way both Faseeha & Shama spoke to her, so for Armaan to say that he wants to marry Mashal is going to shock everyone to no end but then eventually Mashal will be blamed for that too. I hope Mashal starts speaking up for herself, at least once!

Mashal was disappointed yet again. She could not believe that despite being so conscious of everything she does, she was questioned for something she wasn’t even responsible for. I sighed with relief when Mashal told Appa Jee the truth & Appa Jee conveyed it to Hashir. I am glad this entire misunderstanding was dealt with immediately & it wasn’t dragged for no reason. Mashal did realize that everything that Appa Jee told her about truth prevailing was kind of right & that Hashir found out the truth. Mashal is on a journey of discovering the mysterious ways of fate & how life unfolds. Mashal has a tunnel vision, she sees things as per her limited exposure but then, she has Appa Jee in front of her who is an institution for her. I love how Appa Jee always tries to show Mashal the bigger picture.

Closing Thoughts – Overdone Acting:

Overall, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was again pretty much about the family issues & everyone targeting Mashal, though the scenarios may seem nominal but they are used to showcase that Mashal is surrounded by people who are not clean-hearted, who are selfish & those who don’t even have the basic courtesy to be nice to her. Mashal has been mistreated but even though she has not realized, her situation is soon going to change where people around her will start taking a stand for her. Hashir has always been supportive of Mashal but now, Armaan is going to do that too. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the candidness & realistic dialogues that highlighted the sibling relationships, like Hashir telling Areesha off & Armaan telling Bisma off too. Their dialogues were not only amusing but so real too. I must say, it is so good to see Imran Abbas as Hashir, his acting has kind of reminded me of Malal, he was exactly like this, effortless & very real as Jawad & that is why Hashir’s character is standing out the most. I tried not to judge Alizeh Shah too much in the initial episodes but seeing her crying while delivering her dialogues actually sent shivers down my spine in this episode, I couldn’t take her dialogue delivery & to add to my woes, she will have a similar scene in the next episode too where she will cry & plead in front of Appa Jee. As much as Mashal & Appa Jee’s scenes are meaningful & the best part about this drama, I feel Alizeh Shah’s acting is a big drawback. I do not say that about those scenes where she is behaving normally (though she definitely can control her adayein a bit) but those scenes where she is upset, the way she modules her voice to make it sound like she is quite hurt is hurting ME, eeee. For this sake, I wish Mashal’s life takes a u-turn & she finds all the happiness, just so that I don’t have to hear her cry-talk again. Sending all the positive vibes Mashal’s way. All the other actors are doing a good job but I am not sure if it was the director who told everyone to overdo things a bit, not sure because even Zarnish Khan is on another level of annoying & overacting in Kun Faya Kun. The way she shrugs her shoulders, rolls her eyes, gives like a million expression/second, phew, she makes it hard to look at Bisma in her scenes. I know Bisma is supposed to be an annoying, self-centered character, but I guess that is pretty much explained with the kind of dialogues she has but the body-language could’ve been controlled a little (a lot). Other than that, the direction of this drama is really good & the overall execution is simple & spot on too. Anyways, despite all of those major acting issues, I am enjoying watching Kun Faya Kun & definitely looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kun Faya Kun.

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