Lal Ishq Episode 4 Review – Powerful Performances

This was a beautiful episode packed full of amazing performances. It was more about character revealing than story building but that is perfectly fine because it was done brilliantly. It’s good to know a lot more about the characters and how they handle the situation in their own unique ways. They are also very naive about the other person’s potential and that is what is giving suspense to the whole play.

So the emphasis of the episode was on Farhad as he decided to pay no heed to Maahi’s warnings and went on to meet Mehr un Nisa himself.  What followed next was a beautiful demonstration of the fact that despite being entangled in hatred and revenge, Mehr un Nisa still believes in love and the power it holds over human mind and heart. She felt no need to hide her glee at the fact that a man was so besotted by her daughter. No drama, no insanity, just pure logic and heartfelt wishes of a mother. Hats off to Mehrunnisa in that scene. The meeting between Mehr Punar and Farhad was also brilliantly written and executed in excellence as they both shook hands and stood tall. Farhad was not intimidated by him and Punar not small mindedly jealous of him. The later brother sister conversations in both households were also amazing. These youngsters make you forget that their dark and murderous pasts are looming over them and will soon take over their lives completely. For now, all four of them are so young and fresh and so full of love and hope.

Mehr Punar has some inkling that Bali has been around the paan shop and in the old master’s house. At the moment, he is only being saved from the young blood’s wrath due to the shopkeeper’s loyalty to him and the teacher’s dementia. Bali himself is only occupied with finding the whereabouts of his kids at the moment. His life has come to a standstill. It seems as if he had paid Jajji to look after his kids but now cannot find a trace of either of them. Babar Ali is doing a good job as a convicted murderer who is crying and longing for his children. Such are the complexities of this life. He took away one father from his unborn kids and is in deep pain to find his own offsprings now.

Saba Hameed and Waseem Abbas were phenomenal as always. The youngsters also impressed today, especially Faryal Mehmood. It was a surprise to see her emoting so well especially in her scene with her mother.

The next episode seems to bring some serious developments. Stay tuned..


Mehwish Mansoor

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