Lal Ishq Episode 5 Review – The Deadly Brother Sister Duo

So this was a good but non happening episode of Lal Ishq. We cannot judge this drama in the usual way regarding realism and practicality since the theme is totally different. The story is about people who are quite detached from the urbanised societies of today and who lived and died within their tall havelis all entangled in their ancestors’ stories of love and hate and crime which they pass on to the next generation religiously. So we will also discuss it in that fantasised state of mind, like we are watching an old classical novel unfolding right in front of our eyes, with some very thoughtful and witty dialogues to pique up the interest.

Mehrunnisa’s brother mamoo Munir has arrived who is equally deadly and even more aggressive than his sister. He is all ready to sacrifice his time, effort and even life in search of Bali which she thinks Mehr Punar is not proving to be good at. His dialogues were very witty and his character instantly likeable. A simple rural young man who stands up for his blood, even if he had to sacrifice his childhood friend for it once. He is not playing any games, rather he seriously believes shooting someone point blank is how conflicts are resolved. His short conversations with both Mehr Chiragh and his sister were very entertaining.

The rest of the characters are pretty much up to the same as last time. Farhad and Mahi have just started to weave dreams after Mehrunnisa agreed to meet his father. Mehr Punar is still in search of Bali whom he could not recognise when he came face to face with him. The school master and shopkeeper are still trying to protect Bali.

One interesting development was that Jajji has finally recognised that Mahi is the daughter of Mehr Hukum and the revenge spree her family is on leads to Farhad’s own biological father. He was extremely upset and really wanted to protect Farhad and take him as away from Mahi’s family as he possibly can but he did not come out clear with them. His way was bound to make Farhad and Rameen curious, upset and ultimately rebellious and rightly so.

Yawar is shown playing chess with Mehr Chiragh after sometime and he wanted Yawar to reveal the whereabouts of Bali. Yawar pleaded on his behalf but that only led to frustration and Chirag’s conversation shows that even he himself wants Bali dead and that he cannot forgive the murder of his only son.

Stay tuned to see how the next episode of Lal Ishq turns out to be

Lal Ishq Episode 5 Review - The Deadly Brother Sister Duo

Mehwish Mansoor

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