Lal Ishq Episodes 9,10,11 Review – Fatherhood Saga

These three episodes were also laced with superb dialogues, amazing performances, wonderful script and well flowing story. There were a few scenes though in which Faryal Mehmood’s (Mahi) acting seemed forced especially where she was telling Rameen about her brother’s love story and also when she was taunting him. It was meant to be a sister’s concern for her brother but it looked heartless and insulting. Everyone else including her shone throughout in rest of the three episodes.

Story wise, things are keeping pace and the thrill alive. Bali has advertised a reward of five lacs for finding Jajji in hope that his kids would be reunited with him. Mehr Chiragh’s seasoned eyes are suspecting something fishy but his guess is that it must be Iqbal’s brother who is called Jajji. Mojoo and the real Jajji tried to negate that thought as well as they could but Mehr Chiragh did not seem fully convinced. Waseem Abbas is doing a brilliant job as the cunning and seasosoned Mehr Chiragh who has a deep rooted grief for his murdered son which he disguises as black humour.

Mehr Punar is also amazingly well played by Aabi Khan as the conflicted young man whose mother has instilled in his every bone the seed of revenge for his father’s mother, yet life and its beauties keep on pulling him towards them: His expressions are always on point. He is desperate to kill Bali so he can get on with the business of living his own life. His mother did say that because he is in love, she will take away the responsibility of killing his father’s murderer away from him, but in actual she was making him feel guilty and has succeeded fully. Mahi is trying to talk him out of this bloodshed but it did not work.

Hukum ka beta Bali ko mar kay phansi charh jai ga toh kia Hukum aik bar phir nahi mar jayein gay or Hukum ki beti ko yeh nahi laga ga kay is bar Hukum ko un ki biwi nay mara hai

One thing that stands out in the play is that both Mahi and Rameen are outspoken and headstrong and both Farhad and Punar are obedient and duty bound sons. Jajji tried to send the kids back to America but Rameen would not hear anything about that and his father had to give in.

Lal Ishq Episodes 9,10,11 Review - Fatherhood Saga

After a lot of thought, Jajji decided to call Yawar Kamal and ask what he needed from him. On meeting and seeing his determination, Yawar tried to convince Bali that Jajji has become their father now and won’t give up those kids but the revengeful and blood thirsty Bali has woken up once again and wants to go over Jajji’s dead body to reach his kids.

I am sorry Zuhra but I am not in control

Jajji truly loves Farhad and Rameen like his own and it will be traumatic for the kids to know that he is not their real father but this matter can be solved peacefully. The kids are old enough to understand the situation and even help their father out of it. They are not babies that Bali will just snatch away from Jajji and keep them in his home.

Punar and his mamoo have finally located Bali but Yawar Kamal comes in the way with his men and everyone gets hurt during the point blank firing. Mehrunnisa however is still more concerned about Bali’s murder than the fact that her only son and only brother could be fatally hurt. This whole story is weaved around one woman’s wrath and revenge who would not forget the death of her beloved husband.

Lal Ishq Episodes 9,10,11 Review - Fatherhood Saga

The next episode brings Bali and Jajji face to face can’t wait to see how that one goes.

Mehwish Mansoor

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