Shayyad Episode 8 Review – Interesting & Unpredictable

Shayyad is getting more interesting with every passing episode and although some of the scenes in tonight’s episode were difficult to execute but the director managed to translate them on screen without making them look too awkward. Like most of the other dramas written by Faiza Iftikhar this one too is unpredictable, convincing as well as realistic. I truly appreciate the fact that the writer did not make Saad an ultimate bechara although his character is such that he would have gained a lot of sympathies from the viewers had his character not taken the turn it took recently. The fact however is that the main reason why his character is more appealing than ever now is that he isn’t perfect. The evil and desperate plans he keeps on thinking about intentionally and unintentionally make it easier for the viewers to connect to his character. Right from the first episode Saad’s character has held my interest and even now his character keeps me guessing. Uzair Jawal was absolutely remarkable in tonight’s episode and overall too he has done justice to his character.

Tonight’s episode covered a great deal from light moments which covered the marriage functions to serious developments like Saad getting even more desperate and Hani sensing Saad’s true feelings for her. This episode showed that Saad isn’t even trying anymore to keep faces which is why when he went to take Salar’s measurements, he continued to say things which will put him off. Salar’s reaction showed that he was quite capable of controlling his anger if it suited his needs. Salar is also desperate to have Hani in his life but for completely different reasons. Apart from being controlling and rude, Salar is also very calculating. We have seen quite a few men like Salar in our dramas, characters who only reveal their true identity after marriage but it isn’t very often that the viewers are shown the mindset of a man like him on screen. He gets angry at a lot of things but only shows his anger if he feels that the situation is right. The intensity of his anger is also measured by the circumstances. Nauman Ijaz is the king of expressions, no matter what role he is playing, he always manages to impress the audience. He was a brilliant choice for playing this role.

Hani and Saad’s scenes together in the first half of this episode once again showed the difference between their feelings for each other and the second half covered the way Hani felt after realizing how Saad actually felt about her. Her initial reaction and the confusion later on was covered perfectly. Even though so far Sadia Khan looks much better than she acts but in this episode in particular the scenes were written and directed so well that her average performance could easily have been overlooked. Mahpara’s character so far doesn’t have a lot to offer because her scenes always show how left out and betrayed she feels. Her story is gradually being revealed and as long as she does not get a lot of screen time, her character is bearable.

The preview of the next episode was really enticing and well put together. Will Saad do something extreme to stop this marriage or will Hani end up blaming him for something he has not done? The best part of this drama right now is that it is impossible to predict what is going to happen next!

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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