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Lashkara Episode 4 Review – Power-Packed Performances!

Lashkara 2

Lashkara 2

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara was amazing. The way the story is progessing with so many intricacies is commendable & the way the director is bringing every little detail into the limelight, that too at the right time is sheer brilliance.

Who would have thought that the sight of seeing her father getting insulted & her brother emerging as a culprit will shake Bubbly to such an extreme that she will end up forsaking her biggest dream – her marriage to her ideal partner only to prove to be the saving grace of her family.

For the first time it seemed that Kulsoom was disappointed in Bubbly after the show Sunny put up at her house but I loved the way Muneer intervened & told her to let Bubbly be. Sadly, the loan sharks came looking for Iqbal & that entire fiasco further convinced Bubbly to do what it takes to save her family because she knew that Feeka’s mother Nasreen could definitely help them financially as this is what she promised while putting forth Bubbly’s proposal because I believe being their ex-neighbor, Nasreen was pretty well-aware of their financial condition & restraints too.

Well, Sunny decided to approach Feeka in order to intimidate him & to talk him out of his idea of marrying Bubbly. Sunny obviously thought that Bubbly rejected him because she was being pressurized by her family to say yes to Feeka’s proposal but Sunny obviously has no idea about the reasons why Bubbly refused him & has said yes to Feeka. I loved the way Nikki fought with Sunny while Feeka stood their silently, without any courage to speak up for himself. It was so amusing that when Sunny left after saying so much, that was when Feeka finally spoke like a man & dissed him.

Nikki obviously has clear issues with Bubbly but oh my, I must say, my favoriteee scene of this entire episode was when Nasreen shared her opinion about Bubbly & those guys who claimed to be her admirers. I love that Nasreen has this confidence, she is this self-sufficient woman who knows how everything has to be approached, that is why in stead of saying things about Bubbly, she spoke through her perspective in front of her own daughter. I am not sure if Nasreen’s interest in Bubbly is only because she is Feeka’s lady love or there’s something more to it. Definitely looking forward to find that out.

Nikki confronted Bubbly & she knew that Nikki was not going to go easy on her. Even though for the time being Bubbly dealt with her but she knows it is going to be a long battle. Bubbly & Feeka got engaged & even though it was Sunny whose heart broke & he even got insulted, there was also Nazeer who tried to play his little part too in order to stop this marriage from happening but alas! He is in no position to do anything! Masoom.

Bubbly ended things with Sunny but obviously he is not going to settle for no as an answer. It looks like this has turned into an ego issue fot him too but then he could also see that even Bubbly wasn’t too overjoyed & she was just compromising, though she may not see it. I loved that even Saima tried to play her part but Bubbly had a bigger picture in mind!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as it was filled with power-packed performances. The story obviously has a lot more to offer & I can not wait to see it all. Brilliant acting by every single actor there. Loving this drama so far. Please share your thoughts.

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