Lashkara Episode 5 Review – Very Interesting!

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara was amazing & very interesting. I love that despite having that comical undertone, every other situation has so much depth & meaning to it. The entire scenario that was elaborated in this episode depicted just that.

Feeka & Bubbly were to get engaged. The news of Bubbly getting married to Feeka took everyone by surprise because no one could imagine Bubbly settling for a guy like Feeka who has nothing of his own, no identity & even no personality whatsoever. Bubbly has made a huge sacrifice here & she can not explain everyone her reasons for saying yes to this proposal.

Sunny knew that he couldn’t do anything to stop this marriage from happening, therefore he came up with a very petty excuse to make a scene & punish Feeka for stepping into his territory. I couldn’t stop laughing at Feeka’s entry with his clothes torn apart & confidence shattered because this was supposed to be the best, most awaited day of his life but what just happened was not as per his plans. It was unfortunate that Nasreen at that very moment didn’t do anything to help mend his son’s bruised ego because she wanted to convey a message loud & clear to Bubbly & her family.

Even though I couldn’t help sympathize with Feeka when he cried & did feel that Nasreen shouldn’t have done what she did but later when she gave a little explanation to Feeka, I understood her perspective. Like Feeka said that Nasreen has always over-protected him & when she should’ve walked an extra mile to help her son feel better, she let him sit there feeling low & humiliated, it was because Nasreen very well knows how simple & innocent Feeka is & how Bubbly was his polar opposite so in that moment, she curbed her son’s feelings aside to shape his future with a wife like Bubbly. Nasreen had to do this because she wanted Bubbly to always live with this guilt that she was the reason why her husband was humiliated, which would obviously give Feeka an upper-hand on Bubbly. I must say, though Nasreen is not a negative character, but I like how she is manipulative in a good way that if she is aware of Bubbly’s upbringing, she is also not oblivious to her son’s shortcomings. Nasreen knew that if she hadn’t done that, it would have meant losing Feeka to Bubbly with she ruling him for the rest of their lives but just one such move was enough to let Bubbly’s parents know that they now had to send her away with a few lessons related to maintaining her husband’s dignity & taking care of his respect forever. Though Feeka was upset but once again Nasreen proved that she was being this over-protective mother that she is, doing everything to ensure her son’s happiness in the future.

I felt for Sunny so much, he knew that he crossed the line but he just didn’t expect that Bubbly would diss him because he always thought that no matter what he’d do, Bubbly will understand & appreciate his approach but sadly, that wasn’t the case this time. Nasreen’s arrow hit the bulls eye because now Bubbly was feeling ashamed & embarrassed at everything that happened & whatever Sunny did. Well, even though Bubbly ended things with him, he just couldn’t take no for an answer & tried his luck for the last time right before Bubbly was about to get engaged. Both the boys have this extreme love for Bubbly but who does Bubbly really love, that surely hasn’t been revealed. She did like Sunny & wanted to get married to him to escape Feeka but now she is going to get married to Feeka to protect her family’s name. Let’s see if this marriage takes place & will Bubbly get a chance to be with someone she well & truly loves?

This drama is just so interesting & makes a perfect weekend entertainer, especially now that it airs right after that boring Noor ul Ain, I have so much more appreciation for it. All the actors are doing such a wonderful job but Imran Ashraf steals the show, followed closely by Mohsin Abbas Haider. His emotional acting was just so convincing, like it’s not Feeka’s fault that he is so innocent & can’t really take a stand for himself, he just has been raised like that by a very strong & dominating woman like Nasreen, I just felt for him a lot. Sunny on the other hand knows how to fight his own battles but still he is losing at it because his lady love is not on his side. Their journeys are very different but interesting & both Imran Ashraf & Mohsin Abbas Haider are nailing it, I am sure no other actors could’ve done a better job. Ushna Shah is very cute & sweet as Bubbly as well. I just can’t wait to see more. The actor playing the role of Nazeer is amazing too, I enjoy his expressions the most & his presence in every scene is undeniable & same goes for the actor playing the role of Nikki, she is such a fine actor. The direction so far is just flawless. Please share your thoughts.

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