Khamoshi Episode 31 Review-!&%!!!

Yes, nothing happened. But that is not what bothered me today in this episode since it is a must with Khamoshi. This was the second last episode of this drama and the bad guys are still winning. Kudos to the writer for this ridiculousness and double kudos to the director for not even thinking about changing it. It does not matter how Shahram is going to make everyone payback, it is still stupid that all of them are well and good at this stage.

Engagement planning is in full swing with nobody knowing when the said engagement would take place. They have gone to such lengths to make Zubiya unlikeable that it has become unrelatable instead. Who wants to try on 10 dresses just to buy one? Why a girl like Zubiya who is now getting her wishes fulfilled being bothered by gut feelings? They have maybe lost touch with the reality in a way which is non-fixable. Zubiya’s mom is another pain too and I am not going to write anything on Bee Jaan because no use repeating it.

Khamoshi Episode 31 Review-!&%!!!

Arsala is a churail (at least I am going to say that). On what grounds is she so pissed at Shahram? Girl you are the one who didn’t want to marry. You ruined Shahram. You ruined Bee Jaan, the only two people who genuinely loved you. But you are happy for Atif ki nokri and Naima ka gharr. You do not deserve a happy ending in any way.

The overall styling was also soooooo bad in this episode. With super pink lipstick paired with pinky blush, it was hurting my eyes. But then again a girl who was dancing for getting a chance to meet Naima deserves the pinkiest makeup ever.

Naima’s tantrums were again so uncalled for. But what to do? There is nothing substantial left for that character so they make her be as cringy as she can be.

I am so happy the next one is the last episode. Hope they did not change their mind and shoot another one overnight because that will be painful!

Pakeeza Dar

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