Noor ul Ain Episode 13 Review – Boring!

Ohkay so, a poker faced, serious heroine opening the episode with this boring look on her face is not my idea of a weekend entertainment. I was actually put off by seeing Noor’s dud expressions that too in the very first scene. This drama is boring & I don’t really think they are giving me enough reasons to continue watching it!

It is so obvious that the writer is now only adding villains in both Khizar & Noor’s lives to show how they both will stick & fight them together but is it also obvious that writer’s sympathies are with Noor more because Khizar’s past was resurfaced as well about which he himself was a bit concerned.

This drama relies heavily on the filler scenes covered by the supporting cast & they don’t really do much to help the overall story of the drama because the main or as you say, the leading track is not that strong. Ghazala kept on ranting about Noor that she accused Kashi of snatching Khizar’s phone. Sofie’s MIL has got nothing else to talk about that is why she keeps on yapping about how unhappy she is. It is funny that the MIL is concerned about the son who got rejected & is not even considering the happiness of the son who is committed. Forced situations, forced scenes, forced scenarios!

So, Mahrukh & Khizar share a past but again, even in this situation Mahrukh was shown to be negative & Khizar as a low-key victim. On Noor’s front, she has her boss who is flirting with her & Noor who claims that Khizar is her everything, didn’t bother sharing any details with him. For someone who has no one in her life, Noor surely is keeping Khizar distant. I really don’t understand the so-called deep conversations that both Noor & Khizar have because firstly, I didn’t see their relationship developing in such a setting & secondly, I don’t see any substance in their relationship either. How can Noor expect Khizar to understand her when she keeps her feelings or thoughts bottled up. They have just met so how can she expect him to know her in & out?

I found it amusing that Khizar got annoyed when Noor suggested that he should find a job. Also, it is funny that Khizar makes such tall claims where he wants to bring the entire world at Noor’s disposal, yet he is unaware of the basic fact that in order to do that, he needs a thing called money. Marina Khan’s scenes are such a joke, the way she said ‘suit yourself’ when Khizar was about to leave her house & now she talking about petty FB status update, is it a joke or what?

Anyways, the story of this drama is deteriorating & in stead of getting better, it is just going downhill. I think I will give this drama a couple of weeks more & if it fails to interest or entertain me then I will quit reviewing it. I am just not enjoying this drama & despite trying very hard, it is just not happening. Sigh! I was actually excited about Noor ul Ain but it turned out to be such a disappointment. Please share your thoughts!

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