Lashkara Episode 15 Review – Heart-breaking!

Ohkay so, this episode of Lashkara was pretty heart breaking, I say that because of the convincing & phenomenal acting as well as the message that the writer has tried to convey by showing us such a situation!

I really like Saima’s character & it is so good to know that she has so much more to offer. I concurred every single thing that Saima said to her mother about supporting your daughter & letting her know that she can still fall back on her parents even after her marriage. Saima’s mother spoke from her experience because she was of an opinion that no matter what the husband or in laws do, girl has to compromise & sacrifice, in short do the heavy-lifting to make the marriage work. I found this entire conversation pretty interesting because both the sides had valid points & spoke through their perspectives but in my opinion, I don’t want to see Bubbly compromise but I most certainly want to see her fight till the end to prove her innocence which will eventually make her marriage work too. I liked how in such a non-preachy manner the writer opened up this aspect of the story which revolves around supporting your daughters even if they have troubles in their marriage.

Feeka said yes to 2nd marriage but his disinterest showed that he only wanted to punish Bubbly. He has loved her so much that is why the scale of the pain that he is going through is huge too & that is why he is being reckless to go for another marriage thinking this is the only suitable solution to the problem he is facing. Feeka being over-emotional is the main reason why he has landed himself as well as Bubbly in this trouble because he for once can not think straight, he can not think rationally & he is now letting Nikki & Nasreen do the thinking on his behalf. If Feeka was a little less emotional & a bit analytical he would’ve had a very different outlook on this entire matter & he also would’ve given a chance to Bubbly to explain herself but sadly, he didn’t therefore both Feeka & Bubbly are suffering!

Bubbly is not doing anything & that saddens me. It is unfortunate that Bubbly has pretty much surrendered in front of Nikki & is now accepting everything that’s coming her way. Bubbly was keeping things from Feeka because she was scared of hurting him but now when Nikki has said everything, I am not sure why Bubbly is not telling him the truth or giving him any explanation. Yes, she is heart-broken that her husband doesn’t trust her but then it wouldn’t harm her more to say everything out loud & tell everyone that Nikki is the one who planned all of this!

Bubbly decided to put up with everything because she didn’t want her parents to know. Saima obviously had a hard time sugar coating things but she respected Bubbly’s wishes. Saima is upset & rightly so that only because Bubbly’s parents especially her mother is living in a bubble, Bubbly is suffering because of that & as she doesn’t want her parents to face an embarrassment, she is suffering alone!

It is sad that Bubbly is pleading in front of Nikki, who is not going to listen to her anyways. I wish in stead of wasting her energies on Nikki, Bubbly had spoken to Feeka about what actually happened, I guess that would’ve been a better way to save him from getting married & ruining his life.

I must say, in this episode especially, I paid attention to all the supporting actors like Chitta Jee, Zarina, Shaddan, Saima & I was totally impressed with their effortless acting & dialogue delivery – it goes to show that if the director has a grip on everything, the actors perform to the best of their abilities too. Loving this drama so far & definitely looking forward to what’s in store for us. Please share your thoughts.

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