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Ishq Tamasha Episode 22 Review-Non-Existent Self Respect!

Another extension of Mirha’s never-ending ordeals. Our society is filled with depression and oppression, no doubt about that. Life will be more difficult for you if you are a woman and multiply the difficulty factor to ten if you are an orphan. This is what Ishq Tamasha had tried to portray with Mirha’s character. But at this point, it has become too unrealistic to comprehend. We have been watching a girl not defending herself against character shaming for too long. She is still trying to marry a man who cannot even protect her. Wahaj’s character is your simple man found abundantly in our society who just blame women for everything, more precisely non-related women as Mirha is not really related to him. They show Mirha trying to stand up for herself by trying to get a job and then still go back to where she is dying for Wahaj. Her character’s non-existent self-respect has become to sour to swallow at this point and she is still in Day one’s position and 22 episodes have passed!

Rushna is still her old deceiving, conniving self. She somehow thinks that Mehrab fell for her beauty. The way she keeps ignoring Mehrab’s hatred for her and blames Mirha is unrelatable. She had an affair with Mehrab’s brother, that should be the first reason to come to her mind about Mehrab’s behaviour and not Mirha. Her stupid manipulations are annoying as hell and I cannot understand why she keeps wearing heels inside the house.

Mehrab has fallen for Mirha and he is constantly after her now. Why in the first place did you marry Rushna then? Since he is not really punishing her. He just keeps throwing stuff and makes macho faces. That has become Mehrab’s dream job. His phupo has also completely disappeared from the scene which raises the question that why they even cast her in the first place?

Palwasha Ghufran track is not really settling because the girl playing Palwasha looks very young. Yes, she is a good actress but they could have taken some girl who looked a bit more grown up if they were going to pair her with Ghufran.

Ishq Tamasha is a hot mess and no one knows who will end up with whom in the end!

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