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How to put on makeup : Some Do’s and Dont’s

There is no hard and fast rule to applying or having fun with makeup. But following a free pointers can elevate your makeup game to the next level and make things easier for you and save heaps of time. Check out our list of makeup do’s and don’ts for a smooth and easy everyday look:

Start with a clean face

How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's

Wash your face thoroughly and properly before applying any makeup to it. A clean canvas allows for smooth and easy application of makeup. Use the CTM routine for a flawless base to apply your makeup to.


How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's


Try your best to match the foundation to your skin tone. A foundation too light will make you look like a clown whereas a darker one will make you stand out and not impressive at all. While buying a foundation, it is better to do a wear test by asking for samples from the makeup store and leaving it on for several hours. The best results are only seen once the foundation oxidizes into your skin.


How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's

Don’t use concealer as an eye primer, it’s too oily and the makeup will slide off your eyes. Concealer is meant to be worn under your eyes to hide dark circles and brighten your eyes. Additionally, it is meant to be worn to cover blemishes, redness and any skin problems one might have. Instead use an eyeshadow primer, your makeup will last longer and provide better end results.


How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's

Don’t pump your mascara wand in and out to get more product, as this causes air to go inside and dry it out, and will fill it with bacteria which is harmful for the eyelashes. Instead,swirl it around inside the tube to get more product out. Apply starting from the roots in a zig zag motion so the product spreads evenly on the lashes. This way you avoid clumping the lashes aswell and they look more natural.


How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's

Eyebrows are an important part of your face but often overlooked by women. Doing your brows properly and using the right amount and shade of product can elevate your whole look. Brush through your brows and fill in any sparse areas but don’t go too dark or too light, try using an exact color which is the same as your brows. This will help define them and give you a chiseled, well made look.


How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's

Don’t overdraw your lips way too much. There are ways of giving the appearance of plumper lips, but overdrawing your lips too much will make them look like they have been stung by a bee. Slightly overline only your cupids bow to give the illusion of fuller lips. In contrast, you can also highlight the cupids bow which will also give the impression of overdrawn lips.


How to put on makeup : Some Do's and Dont's

It’s easy to neglect cleaning the makeup brushes you use everyday to apply products to your face. Unless you schedule a time each week to clean them, you’ll never even think about your makeup brushes until it’s time to apply your products. But, using dirty makeup brushes can introduce bacteria to your skin causing problems. Instead of taking the risk, set aside time on the weekend to thoroughly wash your brushes. Although, cleaning brushes or makeup sponges does take time, it takes away dirty products and the next time you apply makeup, it glides on easily and smoothly.