Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 04!

Ohkay so, this drama is showing a pretty decent progress in terms of story. I am liking the pace so far & I am glad that they have started to introduce new characters at the right time. This episode was a good watch too & I am looking forward to the next episode already.

Mana & Khizer are doing everything to make Zarri happy & feel a part of their family. I find their attempts very genuine & cute. It shows that they both are very attached to their family members & the elders have instilled these values in them very nicely. Zarri obviously feels that Mana & Khizer make a perfect couple because she even spoke to Mana about it as well but just like Mana, even Saleha doesn’t fancy the idea of their marriage as she is afraid that the clash in their personalities will cost them their happiness. Mana & Khizer are best of friends but they are two different people & just because Saleha has experienced it firsthand in the case of Maalik & Gul Bahar as to how two different people couldn’t make each other happy, she feels both Mana & Khizer will meet the same fate as they both are incompatible with each other.

I really like the difference that Maalik is showing in his personality. It seems as if he was tired of being isolated & Zarri entered his life at the right time because he needed someone to push him out of his misery. Who would’ve thought that the same person who didn’t allow a maid to enter his room would now especially make an effort to grab a birthday gift for a lady. Maalik knows he is capable of loving someone & wants to feel loved too, that is why he is now making an effort as far as Zarri is concerned because he genuinely feels for her.

Gul Bahar finally made an entry & the moment she stepped in, the difference between her & Maalik’s personalities was evident. Gul Bahar obviously is very dominating & she likes to have things her way, that is why she wanted Maalik to move out of the small town & settle with her at a place where she wanted to live but Maalik didn’t budge & that created rift between them. I found it a little odd that everyone welcomed Gul Bahar cordially & didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, considering what she has done & how they themselves saw what Maalik was going through.

It was a coincidence that Shehryaar happened to be Gul Bahar’s nephew. For now, Shehryaar fits the bill of the prince charming that Mana thought of, that is why just a few pointers about Shehryaar were enough for Mana to believe that she is very lucky. The very first impression of Shehryaar wasn’t as appeasing, so I won’t be surprised if he turns out to be a snob, considering he has a sound background & in his comparison, Mana is just a simpleton with a very little exposure.

Just the news of Mana’s proposal was enough for Khizer to feel heartbroken, which clearly described his mental & emotional state as he was disturbed. Khizer obviously loves Mana but he has never allowed his feelings to surface as he doesn’t want to make things awkward for him, for Mana & for the rest of their family members but this time around, this news was so shocking that he couldn’t keep his feelings to himself. Mana doesn’t really know the reason but I am sure she won’t pay heed to anything that Khizer would say.

I must say, I really like the relationship that both Maalik & Khizer share. Even though Khizer is half his age but Maalik feels at ease & comfort by sharing his feelings with him as he knows that Khizer is mature for his age & he would not only listen to him properly but will advice him accurately too. It was interesting to know that Maalik is over Gul Bahar’s chapter in his life & just because he could find some compatibility with Zarri, this fact also helped him in moving on. Just because Gul Bahar spotted her picture in Maalik’s room made her think that he is still stuck in a rut but the mention of divorce gave her a reality check. I actually really like the chemistry both Maalik & Zarri share. The things Maalik said about Mana & Khizer while being in a conversation with Zarri went to show that he really respects both of them & looks upto them which was something that I found really very sweet.

Overall, this episode was interesting too. I really like how they showed the difference between Ghaalib & Saleha’s thinking as well, where she thinks Mana is better off with Shehryaar, Ghaalib is a little more far sighted & he thinks the only guy who can make her happy is Khizer. Somehow I couldn’t get a hold of the preview so no idea what’s going to happen next week but I surely am looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana. :)

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