Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, I enjoyed watching this episode & I think they are finally taking the story forward which is great & which was highly required. This drama still has a very fresh & nice feel to it, which keeps me looking forward to its episodes. Yes, it’s a fact that a few characters have stopped making sense completely, but the other sane ones are the saving grace of Mana Ka Gharana.

Khizer is back on his feet & his bakery is running once again. Maalik returned & he got to speak to Khizer. The way Maalik looks after Khizer & the way he confides in him shows that he depends on Khizer & similarly expects Khizer to rely on him emotionally too. Maalik was actually hurt that Khizer didn’t tell him anything & tackled everything on his own. It made Maalik sad that when Khizer needed him the most, he wasn’t there to support him & he was frustrated that Khizer didn’t allow him to do anything for him. Maalik takes Khizer as his child that is why it was hard for him to accept that he was forced to act like a grown up & deal with everything on his own. I really like the concern Maalik shows towards Khizer & the love he has for him. It has to be one of my favorite aspect of the drama along with the relation Khizer & Happy share, their conversations bring a smile on my face too.

If I haven’t said it enough already, I’ll say it again. I actually don’t get why Gul Bahar lives in that house & why is she being welcomed like a family member once again? Saleha is unreasonable & she is crossing all the limits to show how petty & eager she is to get her daughter married to a filthy rich man but in this scenario, Maalik’s ignore-mode annoys me. He is Gul Bahar’s husband & he is supposed to make the decision when it comes to his wife. I kept on waiting to see Maalik telling Saleha off that Gul Bahar won’t stay in their house as she makes him uncomfortable but the way he is cool with it makes the whole situation quite awkward & unconvincing.

My favorite part of this episode were the conversations that Zarri & Maalik shared. It was the very first time that Maalik subtly hinted to Zarri that she means a lot more to him than she herself knows. I guess Maalik is now working on finalizing his divorce & may be that’s why he went to Islamabad for it but they kept that part concealed. I guess we’ll find out in the episodes to come but yes, the chemistry that both Maalik & Zarri share is amazing. Zarri also wants to know what’s running in Maalik’s mind & heart that is why she keeps on asking him indirectly as to who holds more importance in his life. I so can’t wait to see Maalik & Zarri sticking together & standing up for the love they both have for each other.

Like I said before, I knew Saleha will oppose Zarri & Maalik’s wedding because she would want Maalik to get back with Gul Bahar as she now happens to be a part of Mana’s in laws. Saleha is quite selfish because despite knowing what Gul Bahar put Maalik through, she is expecting him to go out of the way & go against his will to ensure Mana’s happiness. I hate to see how Saleha is in control of everything & she gets to dictate who is supposed to do what. Just because Gul Bahar spoke against the flourishing relationship of Zarri & Maalik, Saleha immediately distant herself from Zarri & made sure that she kept them both apart so that Gul Bahar doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The 180 degree turn that Saleha is taken infuriates me so much. She had sympathy for both Maalik & Zarri because she felt for them & she knew what they both went through, so now of all the people, she should be the one supporting them as they both are entitled to lead a happy life too. Why does Saleha is turning Mana into a liability & a burden on everyone’s shoulders that others have to make sure that Mana gets what she wants & others have to fend for her happiness? Saleha can already see that things are so complicated even before Mana has gotten married, so why can’t she foresee what will happen after Mana will finally get married to Shehryaar? It is so funny that the one who Saleha hated the most is now being literally pampered by her & those whom she felt for the most are now becoming a reason for her annoyance.

Ohkay, one thing’s for sure, Mana is someone who doesn’t know how to remain happy in her life. When she had the most beautiful & caring family, she wanted to run away from them, later when she got her prince charming, she was over the moon but her happiness was short-lived as now the things that are happening in Khizer’s life are affecting her because she is not a part of it anymore. She clearly drew a line between her & Khizer & not only that, she blindly believed that Khizer did everything that Shehryaar accused him of, so now when Khizer has moved on & he has gotten himself busy, why is it causing her so much of pain? Yes, I do understand that she got jealous because Khizer was the only best friend she ever had but why didn’t she put herself in his shoes & think for a second what Khizer must’ve been through seeing Mana & Shehryaar together & also what he must’ve felt when she also thought that he was guilty of stealing her ring? If Mana is getting so affected then she should also know that Khizer must’ve gotten affected too & he must’ve gotten emotionally shattered by seeing that just because of kal ka aya hua larka, Mana doubted her bachpan ka dost. It seems that Mana wants everyone wrapped around her little finger, that is why she doesn’t want Khizer to have a life of his own. Also, I think Khizer overreacted when Laila told him that Mana sat in his car & she told her to get off. How can Khizer expect that Laila would know who Mana was when he hasn’t told her anything about his cousin? Also, even though this new entry in Khizer’s life is interesting but I still don’t get that why doesn’t Laila go around & explore the area more that too when she has come here for the first time? Seeing her spending so much time with Khizer is quite unconvincing actually!

Overall, it was a good episode. The preview suggested that Saleha will give Gul Bahar all the more reasons to walk all over her because Saleha is not holding back in telling what this proposal for her daughter means to her. Saleha is openly declaring that she is ready to go to any lengths to ensure Shehryaar & Mana’s wedding – which Gul Bahar will take full advantage of. Honestly speaking, when Saleha was praising Shehryaar & talking about how lucky Mana is & when she was telling her that Mana should put up with his tantrums because in return she will get all the material of the world, it made my eyes roll so bad that my eyes are hurting now!!! It was so not needed actually because Saleha has proved already that she is desperate so to add more to it & to tell her daughter that she should do everything to make sure that a rich man doesn’t go away from her made me detest her even more. It was funny that the same business of Shehryaar that impressed Mana was now becoming a mood spoiler for her. Oh well, this girl doesn’t know how to be happy!!! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana & tell me if you’re rooting for Maalik & Zarri’s marriage!

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