Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, this episode of Mana Ka Gharana was quite slow. It was more like a calm after the storm, but the initial few minutes were hard to watch due to over flow of the tears, which kind of ticked me off. I am not sure how the story is going to go ahead but things really really need to speed up in order to keep our interest alive in the show.

Khizer was thrown out of the house & only Maalik & Zarri sympathized with him. Zarri told Maalik to take care of Khizer & show some support because he needed it the most. It was good to see that Maalik immediately understood that it was something that Shehryaar transpired as he had full confidence in Khizer that he’d never do such kind a thing. Khizer later found out that his bakery was targeted too & it was that moment where he realized the level of hatred Shehryaar feels for him.

I found it quite odd that after such a fiasco, the very next morning, Ghalib was enjoying a breakfast with the rest of the family whereas being the head (if he is) he should’ve been worried sick about where Khizer went & how he was doing. Shehryaar continued to put Khizer & the whole family down & no one seemed to mind it at all. I felt that Maalik was absent in a lot such scenes because he is usually a part of such conversations most of the times but this time around, he was no where to be seen. I think either Maalik or Zarri should’ve stepped up & had defended Khizer by giving Shehryaar a much needed shut up call. Ghalib did say that he doesn’t believe Khizer would do such a thing but it was till the moment he heard Saleha’s voice & he switched the dumb-mode on!

Zarri knows what Khizer was going through but she couldn’t say much as she knows that Saleha is like a mad woman on the loose so no one can mess with her as she is capable of biting someone as well if things go against her. Ghalib found out about Khizer’s bakery & just because Saleha told him off, he scurried to his room to cry over Khizer’s misery. I hate to see that a man of his stature is being shunned by his wife so easily & is left speechless every single time.

There was this new entrant called Laila. Her car broke & Khizer helped her. Seems like she has come to Murree for the first time but I find it weird that in stead of exploring the place, she chose to help Khizer with his maintenance work. I hope she brings a good change in Khizer’s life but I do have a feeling that once Khizer will see Mana in trouble, he will leave everything & in the end he will end up marrying Mana but after the mistrust Mana has shown in Khizer, I so don’t want to see them together. Mana is better off with such a conceited person who constantly puts her down & taunts her for not seeing a car like his car or a ring that he gave or a world outside this small town because she has no self-respect so she shouldn’t & wouldn’t mind.

I am glad that at least Khizer took a stand for himself & gave Shehryaar a piece of his mind. Shehryaar is a coward who can talk the talk because the moment Khizer intimidated him, Shehryaar had nothing to say in his defense & he just walked away. Khizer has accepted his defeat already because he knows that if he will try to expose Shehryaar, first thing first, no one will believe him & secondly, it will shatter Mana emotionally, that’s why he has backed out & is waiting for karma to take its course, which I partially think is right too because right now, Mana & Saleha are blinded by Shehryaar & as Saleha says, Shehryaar is her aakhri sahara, so let them rely on him & wait till he throws them on the floor too!

Once again, the level of talking Gul Bahar did & the way she wasn’t snubbed is something that I can’t fathom. What gives her the right to speak so much & what allows her to think that she is in charge of the situation? I so wish Maalik tells her to leave ASAP so that we don’t get to see her spewing venom anymore because her negativity is contagious. Oh well, the note at which the episode ended showed that Mana got a little uncomfortable with the idea of Laila being candid with Khizer. I think this is the time when her jealousy will kick in & she will truly understand what Khizer means to her. I so hope she leaves Khizer alone & stays happy in a bubble with her self-centered & self-absorbed fiance who can afford a ring worth of 3 lacs for her as her level of happiness is limited to materialism only. I really think they need to move the story forward because it is getting a bit burdensome to watch it from the last couple of episodes. What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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