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Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, probably after a long time I liked this episode of Mana Ka Gharana because seems like the story of Maalik & Zarri is going to progress in the episodes to come & that’s the only thing that I look forward to in this entire drama.

As expected, Saleha now wants Maalik to reconcile his differences with Gul Bahar & start afresh. It is actually quite amusing that Saleha is doing everything she can that in her opinion, will guarantee Mana’s happiness. Saleha is leaving no stone unturned to do even achieve the unachievable, like bringing Maalik & Gul Bahar together so that no one from her side of the family stays in bad books of Shehryaar. Everything that Saleha on her own is doing for Mana is understandable because parents do these things for their children but the way Saleha is now expecting everyone else around her to make sacrifices for Mana is a bit hard to digest. Saleha herself has seen how hard things were on Maalik & how he isolated himself so it is actually quite selfish of her to ignore this entire episode of Maalik’s life & expect him to get back with Gul Bahar just to make her happy so that she doesn’t make things awkward for Mana. I wish for once Saleha will analyze the situation & understand that a relation that requires so much of effort & so much of sacrifices from a girl’s side is definitely not worth it.

After Ghaalib gave Saleha a shut up call twice, I really thought he redeemed himself but nope, this uncle is hopeless because ohkay, his wife Saleha can show some level of inconsideration towards Maalik but to hear Ghaalib convey the message of his wife Saleha to his brother like a minion was ridiculous. I really think as much as Saleha, Ghaalib is also responsible for what his family is going through because just like his wife, his brains have stopped working too & that is why he is saying such things which he definitely shouldn’t. Saleha must’ve lost all her senses, sensibility & sanity because of Mana & Shehryaar’s marriage but Ghaalib is not unaware of what his younger brother went through because of Gul Bahar, so he should be the last person telling his brother to give this marriage another chance. It was good to know that Maalik openly told Ghaalib how he thinks Gul Bahar has an ulterior motive, to which Ghaalib’s response was shocking as usual. He can already sense & foresee that things can go wrong but he is choosing to stay quiet till something actually happens, because guess what, even in that state he knows what he’ll be doing, yes you all guessed it right, hiding in his room probably under his blanket & crying buckets over his daughter’s phooti kismat!!!

I must say Gul Bahar has the bones & body of steel because even after hearing so many negative things about herself from her potential ex-husband, she still thinks she has a chance in his life & is doing everything to make things difficult for him & punish him. I really like the admiration Maalik has for Zarri & how he finds her respectable enough to feel that she should become his wife. Maalik has a plan in his mind & he is only waiting for Mana & Shehryaar to get married so that he can finally bid Gul Bahar good bye because he knows if he will divorce her before Mana’s marriage, then things will become rocky between her & her fiancé & then Saleha will get a chance to blame him & Zarri, so in order to avoid that, Maalik is being patient. I liked that in this episode, for the first time Zarri showed some care & affection towards Maalik too by asking if he has had his meal. I know it was quite typical & cheesy but I think it was the most subtle expression of affection Zarri could extend towards him.

Gul Bahar really meant something when she told Zarri to pack her stuff before she left Murree. It was obvious that she must’ve called Zarri’s brother Javed & told him to pick his little sister up. Does Gul Bahar really think that by creating a distance between Maalik & Zarri she’ll be able to draw them apart? Also, I am not sure if Saleha was involved in this plan or not because it can’t be a coincidence that a friend whom Saleha wasn’t even in contact with came to her mind & she thought of inviting her to Mana’s wedding especially when the cards haven’t been printed just as yet? I won’t be surprised if later we’ll get to know about Saleha’s involvement too because she is capable of anything nasty for the sake of her good-for-nothing daughter Mana!!!

I was surprised to see Sara Khan’s picture in Laila’s home & looks like Laila & her father have a sad story attached to them. Just like Laila, Laila’s father has become a fan of Khizer too & that seems genuine because usually uncles like him have quite an experience & they can judge a personality just in few interactions. More than Laila, I find her father’s inclination towards Khizer more relate-able probably because he takes him as his own son & feels for him because he knows that Khizer is going through a hard time.

Overall, this episode was good. I think there’s nothing more to show in Shehryaar & Mana’s track that’s why all of their conversations begin & end with the exact same dialogue uttered by Shehryaar which states ‘hamari shadi ke baad ye hoga, hamari shadi ke baad wo hoga’ & every single time, I roll my eyes because of the newness of their conversations!!! Anyways, I caan’t wait to see the next episode only to find out what Maalik’s reaction at Zarri’s departure would be. I am sure Maalik knows Gul Bahar too well to join the dots & figure out that she must be the mastermind behind all this. Even though Erum Akhtar looks amazing in the smoked out & thick eyeliner sort of eye-makeup but in the few scenes where she wasn’t wearing much eye-makeup, she looked approximately 10 years younger & fresh but having said that I believe she can rock both the makeup looks perfectly. Shamil Khan has never looked so good before & the subtlety in his expressions is making his acting seem more natural & effortless. Honestly speaking, even though I should be feeling bad, I sort of enjoyed seeing Shehryaar putting Saleha down, lol, because she deserves it. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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