Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 15!

Ohkay so, finally after a very very long time, we got an episode which was happening & took the story forward in the right direction which was much much needed. I think it’s about time that they start wrapping this drama up & if things progress this way then 3 – 4 episodes are more than enough to cover every aspect properly.

& yes, we all guessed it right, it was Saleha who contacted Javed & told him to take care of Zarri because she was done with her. Yes, I am sure Gul Bahar was the one who gave her the idea but Saleha like a blind mindless minion followed her master’s orders & did everything to please her. Saleha didn’t even bat an eye with shame that she has become so conniving that she is now backstabbing her own family members just to make sure that nothing goes wrong in Mana’s life. Does Saleha really have no idea that everything that she has done can come back & bite her too? It was good that before leaving, Zarri did have a conversation with Saleha & tried to tell her that what she did was wrong. I found it ridiculous that all of a sudden Javed showed up with bigger promises whereas he was the one who drove Zarri away. Gul Bahar also told Javed that Zarri was becoming the reason why she & Maalik were unable to reconcile their differences whereas if Javed was sane enough, he should have defended Zarri by saying that when Gul Bahar left Maalik, Zarri wasn’t even in the picture. Anyways, all the characters have stopped making sense & they do exactly what they shouldn’t do, so it’s useless to expect that they will do something right!!!

Saleha didn’t feel any shame in confessing in front of Mana that she doesn’t want to do anything that will infuriate Gul Bahar because she is too concerned about the impact she will make on her & Shehryaar’s relation if she gets ticked off. Saleha really has crossed all the limits right? She has lost her sensibility whatsoever to be pampering someone who has nothing to do with the emotion of sincerity. Doesn’t Saleha realize that when Gul Bahar deemed fit, she left Maalik & when she was in a mood, she came back to make things right, so when she has lived life on her terms & conditions where she didn’t even care about her husband & her marriage, why would she be loyal to Saleha? Other than making things right with Maalik, Gul Bahar has no other reason to be nice to Saleha’s family & Saleha is a fool to believe that Gul Bahar means good for her & her daughter!!!

Maalik got to know that Zarri left & Mana was the one who informed him. In fact, Mana also sympathized with both Zarri & Maalik because she understands how they feel for each other that is why she also convinced him to go & meet Zarri & tell her honestly about what he feels. I think that’s the only good thing that Mana has done over the last few episodes but I so wish she had told Maalik honestly that it was Saleha who allowed that to happen & in fact she ganged up with Gul Bahar to part them both. At least Maalik then would’ve found out the actual reason behind Zarri’s departure & he wouldn’t have been doubtful about Zarri’s intentions. Anyways, it was good to see that Mana tried to help Maalik & Zarri because she knows that they both need each other & they are compatible too.

Also, I guess the only good thing Shehryaar ever did was assuring Mana that no matter what transpires between Gul Bahar & Maalik, that will not affect their personal relationship. Not only that, Shehryaar also knows that Mana doesn’t really hold high opinion of Gul Bahar, that is why Shehryaar clearly told her that once they will get married, he will make sure that Gul Bahar doesn’t interfere in their lives because he knows that she can get a bit too nosey for anyone’s liking. I think Gul Bahar doesn’t really understand that she is making a fool out of herself to believe that Shehryaar is her trump card & she can use him & Shehryaar/Mana’s marriage for her benefit but little does she know that Shehryaar, her own beloved nephew is thinking about eliminating her from his life!!! Also, I loved the confrontation between Mana & Gul Bahar, another one of those good things that Mana did today, haha!

Laila & Khizer’s scenes were boring & I think Laila is trying really hard to crack into Khizer’s mind & find if she has a chance in his life but I am glad that Khizer is not giving her the edge. Also, I don’t really understand why does Laila concern herself with Khizer’s heart-break. It is his stuff & he will deal with it, chalo if Khizer would’ve asked her opinion then those conversations would mean something, but right now Laila is looking like someone who’s in dire need of a life, because at least then she will have something better to do & think about.

I think it was a good move by the fate that when no one was there, Khizer was near Ghaalib & he was the first one to know about Ghaalib’s health. Also, I am glad that the servant told Khizer that Shehryaar sent his people with whom Ghaalib got engaged into a heated conversation & that took a toll on him. I am sure Khizer will put two & two together. I hope he informs Maalik about what he has heard from the servant & Maalik gets the gist of it that Shehryaar definitely wants to snatch their home away from them.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent because things moved forward. I must say, I have always liked Ayesha Toor’s accurate Urdu accent but her robotic dialogue delivery is hard to tolerate. It looks like she is reading each word from the paper like a newscaster & is way too conscious about not making a mistake, which is a good thing that she is conscious but when you have such long dialogues to deliver, it tends to get on the listener’s nerves. The rest of the people were good in this episode too but Laila’s foundation shade was wrong & made her look ashy. Sana Javed looked pretty & yes, I am looking forward to the next episode because of Maalik & Zarri’s reunion but more than that, the pictures of Shehryaar with Sara Khan that Mana will stumble upon. I am sure Laila will play a cupid’s role in reuniting Mana & Khizer because she will expose Shehryaar truth about his past which will involve Laila’s sister. Things have gotten pretty interesting all of a sudden & yes I am looking forward to the next episode. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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PS: Saleha aik bacha hai bigra hua, bigra hua, bigra hua!!!

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