Mann Mayal – Episode 17 – Disappointing episode with no character development

I had a really tough time sitting through this episode! I am not certain what was more annoying – Jeena acting like a teenager or Salahuddin’s fake laughter! Eenie, meenie, minie, mo – seriously??? It is sad, really really sad watching an actress who has ruled the television industry for quite a few years settling for characters that have absolutely nothing to offer. Jeena has tons of time and money just like Salahuddin therefore she is willing to do whatever it takes to win him over even when he makes it very clear that he couldn’t care less about her. Just like Salahuddin she doesn’t care whether the person she is interested in even wants her around. Also, Jeena’s ‘method’ is just as ridiculous as that of Salahuddin. Mannu won’t leave Mikael although he does not even respect her, Salahuddin can’t get over Mannu and Jeena is fixated with Salahuddin! What fun!


Mikael’s parents died in a road accident in this episode and their son’s reaction went to show that this incident did not effect him in any way. At least Mikael’s mother admitted she was responsible for whatever happened and for turning Mikael into a spoiled irresponsible person before she died! Salahuddin was there of course, just like always to witness one of the most important moments in Mannu’s life!! I have no idea how he always manages to be there right on time and catches the most emotional moments. Yes, Jamil makes sure he conveys all the information regarding Mannu but even then doesn’t this man have a life?? He is not even in touch with his parents because Jeena is the one who showed Bia’s daughters pictures to him but he has all the time in the world for Mannu. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s laughter in this particular scene was once again very fake – if this really is the way he laughs then he needs to work on it when he is acting because it sounds forced.


The way Mannu’s family’s presence was completely sidelined in this episode was beyond absurd! The father who was once willing to do everything he could to make his daughter happy was perfectly fine with the way her husband treated her. The chachi who had the guts to take a stand for her daughter and assert her authority even where it was not needed has nothing to say about what she saw? Mannu’s family was there in this episode only as fillers. They have absolutely no role to play in the story now. If they were going to be turned into such unimportant characters then the writer shouldn’t have shown the strong family bond in Mannu’s house in the first few episodes. Salahuddin felt Mannu’s pain but her parents didn’t?? Weird! Was that kid in Mannu’s chachi’s lap the new born baby she had few weeks back, maybe? I am seriously confused!

So, apparently Super Man didn’t tell on Mikael after all! Although I find it hard to believe lekin theek hai maan lete hei ;) Mannu’s never-ending taqreer when she meets Salahuddin was extremely repetitive – will Mannu please stop obsessing with all the money this man has and who he hangs out with! This episode was a snooze-fest. All the characters lack depth and meaning and the story isn’t interesting enough to keep you looking forward to more. I must say that Mann Mayal is undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of this season.

So, who do you think should get the award for the most dheet character in the play? Jeena or Salahuddin?


Fatima Awan


Fatima Awan

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