Mann Mayal – Episode 24

I actually enjoyed this episode because I have stopped taking this drama seriously and am enjoying the hilarious scenarios which aren’t really taking the story anywhere but their main purpose is to make every person in Salahuddin’s house turn against Mannu so that she will be the ultimate bechari. Mann Mayal has already crossed all boundaries of decency and it defies logic therefore I am thinking there will be no more shocks in store for us now. This drama is turning out to be more like Shukk with every passing episode. I remember the sudden change in Shamim Hilali’s character in Shukk and how she started acting all weird to get her son to do what she wanted. Once again Aisha Khan has the “boy’s” mother on her side and the “other woman” has turned into an even bigger bechari!!

 mann mayal1

Watching Jameel harass Jeena and Salahuddin’s mother returning with a complete change of heart and mind was actually quite entertaining. Although all the characters in this drama are equally annoying but watching Jeena suffer and Mannu being given a reality check by Salahuddin’s mother was actually gratifying!! The second half of this drama was more like a cooking competition. Whatever Salahuddin’s mother said to Mannu was spot on but too bad she does not judge her own son like that who is even more in love with her. Also, when Jeena was putting qeema in Salahuddin’s plate, she was too close for comfort. itni beghairiti tu america mei nahi dekhi comment was hilarious haha!! As if sari beghairiti America mei hi hoti hai!!

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Mannu’s Aba’s life depends on  the kind of relationship she has with her husband. Aba’s tall claims about Mannu being very ladli fell flat because this relationship sort of died down after Mannu got married. This was one of those scenes which the writers and producers add to the story in an attempt to win all their lady fans who are having a tough time in their susrals. Saba Hameed is always brilliant in every other show but in this one she doesn’t have much to do except look confused!! I am sure she was only doing someone involved in this project a favor when she signed up for it.

mann mayal2


mann mayal2

So, Mannu could hear the entire conversation clearly which Salahuddin and his parents were having on the dinner table but she could not hear her daughter cry when she was in the kitchen! The breakfast scene was the funniest scene in this episode. The way Mannu stood there with that bechari shakal like she hadn’t eaten for days while everyone else was served food was hilarious!!! Every scene in tonight’s episode was a desperate attempt to make the viewers feel for Mannu.


Did you laugh as much as I did while watching this episode?? Oh sorry! were we supposed to feel for Mannu, I somehow could not make myself do that!

By the way where is Mikael? Do these characters go on a vacation every now and then??? When the marriage took place Mannu’s family disappeared and when the divorce happened, Mikael disappeared!

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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