Marasim – Episode 07!

Ohkay, so finally Nayab’s nightmare has been materialized. I couldn’t help feeling anything but sympathy for her because of how she was paying the price of losing her mother. It’s like she had to lose everything once she lost her mother because all the promises Nayab’s mother made were now buried too.

Gaitiara didn’t lose hope & knew how to get what she wanted. She knew just exactly who was the right person to talk to even after finding out that both Nayab & Almas have rejected the proposal. Gaitiara flaunted her wealth & material blessings in front of Almas’s husband because she knew he’d fall prey to her tact. Sadly for Nayab, Almas turned out to be as cruel as anybody else because Almas was so blinded by Gaitiara’s status that she started weighing Nayab’s luck on the basis of the wealth she’d attain after she’d get married to Daood, plus as an excuse she wanted to make it clear that by no means she’d make her husband angry & walk an extra mile for her sister, so for that she was backing out.

Very clearly Gaitiara also told Almas that Daood is heart-broken but she knew all of her son’s shortcomings will be concealed because of his bank balance. Despite knowing what Zaid meant to Nayab & also how Daood would be least bothered about her sister, Almas got convinced that the luck was approaching Nayab herself therefore she forced her into this relation.

Zaid on his own was instinctive about what was about to happen & his worst fears came true when he got to know how Nayab was being pressurized. I thought his mother would never agree to a sudden marriage but she did because she knew her sister had promised & sealed Nayab’s relation to Zaid while she was alive. At least she was more compassionate & sincere towards a promise that was made by someone who died but sadly Almas didn’t quite have a second thought that she’d be breaking off her mother’s promise.

I felt Urwa Hocane acted really well in that particular scene where she was trying to convince Almas for rejecting the proposal. She has done a brilliant job as Nayab. Nayab’s utterance that it seems like she is paying the price of staying at Almas’s place was just so real. The last scene seemed a bit too filmy but never-mind, it was done perfectly well too. Zaid made it to Almas’s place just at the right time but he knew he was too late to undo anything that had just happened.

Finally, after this I think there would be nothing left for Nayab or Zaid to hold onto because their parting has been sealed. Let’s see how rest of the story unfolds.

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