Marasim – Episode 09!

I must admit, when I started watching this drama I thought it was just a typical story with a bunch of insecure mother in laws torturing the wives of their sons. It came across as a drama which had nothing but family politics to offer & because of this I had no expectations whatsoever but as the episodes are coming my way, I am getting engrossed in it completely. I never thought that any recent drama had a power of making the viewer’s actually feel a bit for the characters but Marasim has done it & done it really well. I couldn’t help feeling sympathy for most of the characters & rage for the others. I must say, the director has done his job really really well in bringing out the best in the script & in the actors too.

Momenah has succeeded in making her mother feel that she is perfectly alright with Daood’s marriage & she feels nothing for him, which to a certain extent is a truth but on the other hand is a lie which comes naturally with the circumstances, but I feel Sherbano herself doesn’t want Momenah to forget what has happened. Momenah has done really well into making everyone believe that nothing matters to her anymore which has made Deeba upset because she wants to see Momenah suffering because of what her ex-fiancé Abdullah did to her. I think Deeba is playing the heartbroken card way over the top. At times, it’s pretty evident that Gaitiara feels remorse & guilty towards Daood & Momenah but Deeba over-shadows everything by reminding Gaitiara over & over again that she’s hurt & lonely.

Even though Nayab was vulnerable & was treated as a weak person who could’ve been forced into anything, she made sure that she lets her sister know every single emotion she has felt all this while because of her sister’s indifference to her. Nayab could’ve easily accepted the defeat but she made sure that she lets Almas know how cruel she has been to her only sister. Almas may have tried to flip away from the reality but there was this voice in her head that didn’t spare her, convincing her to do something to compensate the pain she has caused to her Khala, Zaid, Zaid’s sister & Nayab.

This episode had a lot of emotional scenes but the most overwhelming ones were the conversations between Nayab & Almas & also Daood & Momenah. I found Sonia Hussain’s acting top-notch in that particular scene, not that she ain’t doing well in the rest of the serial but this scene was outstanding in terms of her acting. She made sure that she conveys the feelings of Momenah to perfection & she actually stole the show. Similarly, Urwa has done her part really really well. The emotionless reality checks that she kept throwing Almas’s way were done beautifully. Even though Ahsan Khan has played yet another role of a heart-broken fellow but I feel he comes across acceptable because the ladies have over-shadowed him & just because this story is based more on what these girls are going through, it makes Daood’s pain secondary.

I must commend the hair stylists, the dress designers & also the makeup artists who are responsible for the look of all the actors. They have done their job absolutely perfect & just because they didn’t stick to any particular signature look of an actor, this has helped in creating more realism in regards to the characters. I am really happy that I tuned into Marasim & I am definitely hooked to this show. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. Share what you felt about tonight’s episode.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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