MasterChef Pakistan Week 01 – Auditions 02!

MasterChef Pakistan Week 01 – Auditions 02!

So, with this episode the introductory week of Masterchef Pakistan comes to an end. Once again no other complaints but I felt that the episode started way too suddenly as if the editor was in a rush but other than that the auditions couldn’t get any better because we got to see some amazing cooking skills by some very genuine people. I enjoyed this episode a lot because of a certain contestants & I can’t wait to see more.

This episode showed a lot more contestants who came & won the apron to get through to the next round. Next time there will be a boot camp where top 50 will strive to earn a place in the top 16 & then the real competition will begin. I must say once again that I am totally impressed by the level of cookery we’re seeing on this show, that too people from normal backgrounds & all walks of life are coming up with something unique is striking a chord hard.

The contestants who won the apron in tonight’s episode were:

Almira a young lady from Bhawalpur who presented ‘Meaty Muffins w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes’.
Anila Kamar a mother from Faisalabad who came up with her own technique of ‘BBQ Biryani’.
Maryam a housewife & a mum from Lahore & she made ‘Chicken Permesan’.
Khurram Haroon a businessman & a Rugby player from Lahore who presented Japanese dishes ‘Sushi & Calamari’.
Zaid Rasheed a fashion designer from Peshawar who presented ‘Jin Min Rolls w/ Self-cooked Sauce’.
Zainab Majeeb a fashion designer who learnt the cooking from her bro-in-law & she made ‘Pecan Crushed Chicken w/ Tomatoe & Spinach Pasta’.
Dr. Maryam Soomro of Karachi & she made ‘Japanese Cuisine’.
Gulnaz from Chitral who came with a support of her husband & she made the traditional ‘Ghulmandi & Randeru’.
Denis Fernandis of Karachi who left a job to participate in Masterchef, he made ‘Stove-cooked Chocolate Cupcakes & Chicken Breast w/ Cheese’.
Misbah Imran from Lahore & she came up with ‘Sajji’.
Faiza Siddique from Egypt & she made the Arabic dish ‘Chicken Dunni’.
Ali Shah a student & the most interesting contestant who came up with ‘Accidental Dish’ but later the judges named it as ‘Mun Mun Chicken’.

So, these were the contestants & I must say a few were really interesting. I liked Mrs. Gulnaz because of the determination she had & the funniest comment she came up with was that her area had no cable & because of that her family won’t be able to see that she came up for the auditions. The best thing to see was that her husband was supportive of her & was encouraging her to participate in this show. Ali Shah, he himself had no idea & no hope of getting selected came up with interesting conversation & engaged the judges as well. I had a good laugh seeing his excitement & he was like even the Australian Masterchefs won’t reckon that he got selected that too in Pakistan, lol. Other than Gulnaz & Ali Shah, I am also rooting for Khurram Haroon, Zaid Rasheed, Zainab Majeed, Dr. Maryam Soomro & Faiza Siddique. I hope all these people make it to the top 16 & shine in there.

I am totally loving this show because of the fact that they have kept it very simple & haven’t turned it into a melodrama where every single contestant is coming & shedding tears sharing their miseries to earn the apron. Yes, the narration can get a little filmy as pointed out by a reader earlier & the editing issues must subside so other than that, I am enjoying it a lot. Can’t wait for the next week because of the Boot Camp. The contestant there will be facing a lot of challenges set by the judges, so let’s see what do they come up with!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.