Meer Abru Episode 15 & 16 Story Review – Fast Paced

Opening Thoughts – Fast Paced:

Ohkay so, these episodes of Meer Abru were intense & well-executed. I must say, what I am loving about this drama the most is the pace. I am super happy that they are not only taking the story forward but are unfolding one scenario after another which is keeping it all very gripping. To be honest, for a Pakistani drama that too of recent times, the pace is unbelievable (in a good sense) because the drama buffs have gotten used to slow paced dramas that this one is such a breath of fresh air. Just when I was rejoicing on the note at which these episodes ended, I was pleasantly surprised by the preview of the next episodes too, so much so that before even discussing these episodes I am so excited to be mentioning the precap already!

Saim & Abru’s Life Is Not Going To Be Easy:

Abru & Saim started off their marital journey & they both were getting to know each other. Abru was learning more about Saim & as the days passed, she found out what a thorough gentleman he was to be making sure to take care of each & everything related to Abru. Abru was now becoming comfortable with Saim but the fact that she is under the same roof as Meer does weigh her down emotionally. Even though Saim was happy that Abru was by his side, he did somehow at the back of his mind have some inhibitions because he is well aware of the fact that Abru was once in love with Meer whereas she just respected Saim immensely.

Saim & Abru will have to stand by each other’s side through thick & thin, which they would considering how they both are mature but the sad truth is that their journey is not going to be easy since so many people around them have their personal vendettas against them – be it Meer, Zaibi or even Waleed. As much as Saim & Abru are trying to find their happiness in each other, Meer is making sure that neither of them forget the equation once Meer & Abru shared. Meer went out of the way to let Saim know about the conversations Abru had with him on a personal level like discussing her likes & dislikes, the only reason behind bringing them up now was to make Saim feel that he didn’t know Abru as much as Meer did. I loved the way Abru put Saim’s heart to ease & assured him that all that she said was done & dusted & now she was only focused on keeping him happy & prioritizing her relationship with him!

Abru did have a conversation with Meer but it was kind of her final reminder to him to leave her alone as she knew what he was trying to prove to the entire family. Meer is in denial & not only that, he is bent on proving it to Abru too that she can not backtrack from the feelings they had shared even if she is married now. Meer is letting Abru know that he still desires her, he needs her which obviously is emotionally draining for Abru!

Just when Saim & Abru started their relationship after going through so much, they were faced with another hardship where their relationship & their sincerity towards each other was tested. Abru had told Saim the truth but for Saim is it going to become very difficult as he will be torn between his family & Abru. Haya fell pregnant & Waleed ditched her. I kind of laughed at myself when I recalled mentioning in one of the previous reviews that Waleed was quite shareef, well not so much. Waleed did what he promised in order to get back at Abru but in the course of his action, he ended up ruining Haya’s life. Haya turned out to be quite stupid to be honest but yes, she is equally responsible for the mess she has created. Yes, she was naive but then she ignored Abru’s warnings continuously.

Everything became a lot more complicated when Haya attempted suicide. Waleed stayed unaffected but then everyone else was shaken. It was nice to see how Saim despite not being fully convinced still questioned Waleed after hearing Abru’s side of the story. Saim just didn’t rule the fact out that Waleed was not capable of doing something like this. Saim’s confusion was translated brilliantly where he was still not sure but still had to ask as he saw what Haya did to herself, so he wasn’t left with an option to not believe that Haya must be telling the truth.

Waleed got Meer on his side as he has already understood that Meer is pretty much against Abru, so Waleed knew that Meer will buy whatever he will tell him & it did work. Meer, without even thinking things through went straight to let Saim know that Waleed had his back, it was more like a declaration in front of Abru that now no matter what the situation will be, she will always find Meer opposing her & standing on the other end of the spectrum. Meer has literally made it his mission to fight Saim & Abru be it in his personal or professional life. I so want to root for Meer & Abru but right now, Meer is obviously making it very hard to like him, but I still do!

I must say, I am super impressed that they let the secret out & didn’t just drag everything. Abru found out about Haya’s pregnancy & then she shared the truth with Sana too. I was shocked (read surprised) that Ahmad found out about it too. I am glad they are not just dragging things for the sake of it & are taking the story forward to keep it interesting & engaging.

Closing Thoughts – Breath of Fresh Air:

Overall, these two episodes of Meer Abru were superb. This drama has every single flavor & what I love the most about it is that every single week, they give us so much to discuss & talk about. Just when things were going smooth, they gave us another twist in the story & this one is going to affect everyone’s life. All the actors are performing brilliantly & once again, like I have said it before I will say it again, I love how casual & candid reactions of all the characters are added which make everything seem so realistic & relatable. Waleed’s expressions especially are so real & he makes me laugh every time because of his meanness. Sanam Chaudhry has taken Abru’s character to another level, she is honest, fierce & strong while still being bound by her relationships which she respects & do not want to get hurt. Abru’s character is such a breath of fresh air & so is Saim’s. Meer is twisted but he can get away with it because he has a solid reason to be this way but then I hope he stops hurting Saim & Abru because they both gave him a chance to reflect & rectify but he didn’t. Loving Meer Abru so far. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Meer Abru.

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