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Mera ‘Baby’ Miladay – Episode 14

Baby, baby!
Yes mama!
Crying baby?
No mama!
Marry baray saeen?
Yes mama!
That’s like my baby!

Uff! Double uff! Triple uff! Mountains of uff! Oceans of uff! Galaxy of uff! I paused this episode a few times while watching it just to get a break from it because it was such a yawn! And what in the world is this ‘lucky charm baby’ business?! So Mushq has landed herself a place in the ‘home’ of this very colourful madam who so far has kept Mushq away from her shady dealings. She considers Mushq her lucky charm and does not want to impose anything on her but at the same time does not want her to leave. Mushq has befriended a girl who visits Madam’s house and is apparently a seamstress (or is she the friend of the seamstress?). Her constant references to her father and then Jumman Chacha insisting Dabbu attend his daughter’s wedding gives the impression that this girl is Jumman’s daughter.

Fahd is moping around like a lovesick puppy. He really did not have much to offer today except he is adamant he can not live without Mushq and his mother is adamant he will live without Mushq. Finit. There was so much speculation last week over that scene where Mushq is running with someone and two goons in their pursuit – was all just a dream. A nightmare. Whatever – but was not real. Like I said – uff!

Zeba’s issues in life ka ek he solution hai– Ali’s expulsion from school. Na Ali school jaye na sara waqt Zeba uss ka uniform dhoti rahay, iron karay aur shoes polish karay. Seems like even the obedient daughter is being dealt a harsh hand in life or is it because of Mushq’s actions that her sister is suffering. I would not be surprised if that is what the writer is trying to show here.


Dabbu and Striker have turned into Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson and are trying to find Mushq and Fahd. It amazed me when Fahd set out to look for Mushq in Karachi without an address and now Dabbu is doing the same, heading off to Lahore to find Fahd – without any address. Surely it is not that easy to just ‘find’ people! Seems like they will be spared the journey though as the episode ends with them deciding to head to Nooriabad to Jumman Chacha’s daughter’s wedding where I believe they will come across Mushq.

Mushq’s track record of consenting to ‘old men’ marriages is disturbing. I know, I know – koi aur bhoolay na bhoolay, I have not forgotten that wretched Qureshi. Is she truly consenting to marry baray saeen based upon her faith in Madam? Does she really trust Madam that much? Or is she gaining her trust so she may form an escape plan.

I honestly do not have much to say about today’s episode. This drama is beginning to bore me a little now especially with this ‘madam-baby’ track now. Dabbu’s supposed meeting with Mushq that we are all anticipating to happen at the nikkah event should have taken place last episode or at least definitely in today’s – but no! I am finding it very hard to keep my interest alive here and would prefer to just stop watching and then watch the remaining episodes in one go – I am sure I would be far more entertained that way!

I will say that the writer did make an extra effort with the names of the characters though. Dabbu, Mushq, ‘baby’, Bebo (that is what baray saeen called the ‘Madam’ didn’t he?) and Orya! Orya! Haha. Oh well, at least his name reminded me we have run out of Oreos at home so should add that to my grocery list! I do not even want to sit and wonder what will happen next because I spent the last few episode reviews wondering that and the story is sitting stagnant.

Is it just me or is this drama losing the little charm it had? Even Faisal Qureshi’s scenes are failing to make an impact. Would love to hear your thoughts! Will Dabbu finally meet Mushq and help her escape – till next week then, baby!

Kunwal Javid

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